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Le madisoning

Le Madisoning (2020), a dance video installation on 3 screens, sound installation in 5.1.
Authors: Léonore Mercier, Justine Pluvinage and Amélie Poirier

Le Madisoning is a dance video installation for 3 screens and a 5.1 sound system. It is the result of a collaboration between Justine Pluvinage, video director, Amélie Poirier choreographer, theatre director, and Léonore Mercier, composer.
If Madison is a line dance created in the United States in the 1960s by a former miner, Madisoning is a video-dance project for 4 actors from Cie de l'Oiseau-Mouche. Choreographer Amélie Poirier proudly revisits her first choreographic heritage: family celebration dances.
By adding them, by altering them, by varying their rhythms, by bringing in a form of "disturbing strangeness" etc., we are playing here to disturb the borders between these so-called popular dances and the field of the contemporary.
This "founding gesture" is here taken to the extreme by the repetition of the same sound and rhythmic pattern in the lower body (the sound of shoes hitting with the rhythm of Madison). While the upper body deals with other complex patterns in terms of coordination from other dances of family celebrations (macarena, duck dance etc.). This rhythmic repetition therefore becoming performative, an editing game takes place, plunging us with each new rhythmic repetition into a suddenly different space offering variable sound surfaces. This preponderance of sound is amplified by sound spatialization giving the sensation that sound is dancing. So that a paradox takes place in the image between these very vertical, almost rigid bodies and this moving sound.

Poirier, Amélie

Amélie Poirier works as a visual artist, choreographer and director undisciplined forms constantly navigating between dance, theater, the arts of puppetry and video art.

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Mercier, Léonore

"The alchemical relationship that takes place when the media commingle is inspiring to me. Visual artist, director and composer, my approach is cross-disciplinary, between these different mediums.
Plastic, sound and visual worlds mix, intersect, confront each other, harmonize. The practice of classical piano, electro-acoustic music, jazz, radio, has deeply sharpened my acuity and continuously influences my sound and musical creations."

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Pluvinage, Justine

"The intimate in Justine Pluvinage encompasses all meanings, physical and psychic: the" strictly personal ", the" kept secret ", the naked body, the carnal contact, the desire for someone ... Everything becomes food for thought. documentary and film experimentation. (...) With her camera so intrusive and subjective, I must then, as a spectator, forget the voyeuristic position in which she puts me, and accept the immersion, the constant mixture of the private and the public, of the art and life. »

Alexandrine Dhainaut.

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Compagnie de L'Oiseau-Mouche

L’Oiseau-Mouche is

A story that has lasted for over 40 years;
A team of 55 people;
An utopia come true;

A company of 23 permanent actors with mental disabilities;
An abundant repertoire with more than 50 creations and 1,700 performances in France and internationally;
As many varied aesthetics as there are artists signing the creations;

An innovative project that never ceases to question itself;
Two restaurants with 18 cooks and servers with intellectual disabilities;
A theater with two rooms, a rehearsal studio;
Two European projects bringing together 6 countries, 4000km;
A place of artistic creation;
Hundreds of hours of artistic action;
Strong partnerships with cultural players in the area;
More than 40 artistic teams hosted in performances, residencies, workshops, workshops this season;
Strong encounters with the public from here and elsewhere;
An adventure that shifts the lines ..

More information: Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche

Le madisoning

Artistic direction / Conception : Léonore Mercier, Justine Pluvinage et Amélie Poirier

Choreography : Amélie Poirier

Interpretation : Marie-Claire Alpérine, Frédéric Foulon, Caroline Leman et Florian Spiry de la Cie de l'Oiseau-Mouche.

Video conception : Réalisatrice, cadre et montage : Justine Pluvinage - Étalonnage : Armin Zoghi

Technical direction : Sofian Chouaib

Sound : Création sonore et prise de son : Léonore Mercier

Other collaborations : Construction des masques : Audrey Robin

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Avec le soutien de la DGCA (appel à projet "vidéo-danse"), de Pictanovo, de l'Espace Croisé : centre d'art contemporain de Roubaix et de la Cie de l'Oiseau-Mouche. Production exécutive : Les Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-Pas de Calais.

Duration : 18'17

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