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The french ministry of Culture

The video and the image can complement, but not replace, the direct, physical and sensory experience of the spectator or the dance lover. It's become impossible to escape dance on the internet – and helps you find it. Dance is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most widespread social and leisure activities in the world and yet one of the most unrecognised arts because it is one of the most transitory. The development of choreographic culture for the widest possible audience should continue to be encouraged. Protecting, conserving, developing and increasing public access to choreography and dance history in all its diverse forms, with the considerable help of digitisation and the development of online internet resources, chosen in collaboration with the artists, are just some of the Ministry of Culture's goals. Numeridanse of which the french ministry of Culture is a founding partner and supports its development, clearly fits into this dynamic.


MAD - Maison de la danse

The MAD project

La Maison de la danse, with all its history and its commitment for more than 43 years, is reinventing itself: the Ateliers de la danse will be inaugurated in 2026. La Maison, a physical place, the Ateliers, a prefiguring place, two complementary places designed to bring audiences and artists together to experience choreographic art in all its forms. From the 23-24 season, the Ateliers joined the Maison de la danse around MAD, a new project for a shared future of dance in Lyon.

Since its creation in 1980, the Maison de la Danse has been filming performances and, as such, has built up an extensive collection of audiovisual archives. Informative tools are created using this video base, including a freely-accessible video library, video conferences, an educational DVD “Le Tour du monde en 80 danses” (Around the World in 80 Dances), a documentary series “La Minute du spectateur” (The Spectator’s Moment) and the Numeridanse platform.


The French National Centre for Dance

The 1998-created French National Centre for Dance (CND - Centre national de la danse), a public institution under the French Ministry for Culture, located in Pantin (Île-de-France), with regional premises in Lyon, is run by Catherine Tsekenis. A unique place, it proposes a myriad of resources devoted to dance and focuses on three key missions: Training and services for professionals, Heritage, Creation. What makes it so special is its ability to bring together, under the same roof, an across-the-board set of services for dance professionals and amateurs, from training through to artistic accompaniment, for promoting heritage resources, its own publishing house, support for research as well as advice for professionals whilst extending its welcome to the most eclectic range of audiences possible with its performance and events agenda.
The CND’s Heritage, Audiovisual and Publishing Department, a Numeridanse partner since the very beginning, is structured around a specialized media library, a recognized reference for dance memory and for documentary resources. Its Image division manages, preserves and makes available over 15,000 audiovisual documents comprising live performance recordings, artists’ archives as well as a variety of specific collections.


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