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Support Numeridanse

To ensure Numeridanse remains totally free from advertising, our business model relies on public and private funding as well as financial participation from our website contributors. The various financial sources must be such as to ensure the free nature of our website, the smooth running of our platform, its ongoing technical development, to enable us to produce educational and informative contents and to participate in the remuneration of those involved in our project.

To ensure we pursue our development, Numeridanse is now calling on you who are among our numerous loyal users and visitors.

By supporting Numeridanse, you are sharing our commitment :

  • for the digital promotion, preservation and dissemination of the world’s heritage of choreographic art, 
  • for ensuring that the largest online dance video platform continues to be an innovator and remains free for all,
  • for helping Numeridanse to pursue its role as the reference website for the world of dance and its public.

We cannot pursue our adventure without you!
Regardless of the amount, your donation is a precious gift.

Donations from private individuals are deductible from income tax in France for an amount up to 66% within the limit of 20% of taxable income.

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