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How can I change the language used on the site?

You can modify the language on the site while browsing by clicking the FR or EN button in the top right of the screen.

It takes a long time to load the videos

The loading time for videos may vary depending on the quality of your Internet connection. You can modify the video quality at any time by clicking the 'HD' icon located on the video player.

I can't play the videos on my tablet

In your settings, clear your hidden data. If that is not enough and that the problem persists, contact us at the following address :

I'd like to play the video on my playlist one after the other, on a loop

All of the videos on a playlist are automatically played in sequence. Once the last comes to an end, it goes back to the beginning and plays them over again.

Where can I find the entire body of work shown in the videos available on the site?

Please contact the contributor who uploaded the video to the site. The contributor's name is given in the information box located to the right of the video player: 'Posted by'. However, do not hesitate to contact us at

I created an account on Numeridanse but I can't upload videos

Only contributors to the site can upload videos to Numeridanse. If you'd like to become a contributor, please contact Numeridanse at You can also find more information on the site, on the page Our contributors.

Do I need an account to access more videos?

Numeridanse offers free access to all of the site's resources, so you don't need to create an account to access the Numeridanse content.

Can I download videos from the site?

The videos presented on Numeridanse can only be streamed and cannot be downloaded.

Can I show Numeridanse videos in a professional context?

Everyone can access Numeridanse, so you can stream the site as part of a course, when using images, or other context. Access to the site must remain free, however! Your involvement may be paid but you may not impose paid access to Numeridanse.

How can I find out who owns the rights to a video?

The contributor's name is displayed in the information box located to the right of the video player. The name appears after the phrase, 'Posted by'.

Where can I find contact information for a contributor?

Please send e-mail to Our team will provide you with all relevant information.

I can't find the answer to my question

Please contact the Numeridanse team:

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