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Animal Kingdom, Participants' words

 Launched in February 2020, the participatory project Animal Kingdom invited each of us to explore the links between humans and nature. In a world where individuals are more and more connected, it seemed essential and stimulating for Numeridanse and the Akram Khan company to collectively invent and invest a new space. 

Amateur and professional dancers with no age limit were invited to create a choreography and film themselves wondering: what are the animals within me? 

In the end, 172 videos were received, representing 31 different countries. The film Our Animal Kingdom is the result of this collectively created work. 

This virtual exhibition highlights the words and testimonies of the various participants. 

Erik Demaseure

“It finally reestablished a natural order of being subject to the constraints of nature and our environment and not, as we do a lot today, of subjecting nature to our desires and desires." 

“We ended up under this tree and it permeated us and gave even more inspiration. It was even more rewarding. The leaves were part of the decor, part of the movement too." - Sabine and Marion 

Sabine et Marion - Anima Danz

Anna - Mosaikteatern

Florencia Guerberof sent us some unpublished images, cut during her participation, explaining how she worked with the constraints she encountered. 

Florencia Guerberof

on the creation of Animal Kingdom

Numeridanse 2020 - Director : Guerberof, Maria

Choreographer(s) : Guerberof, Florencia (Argentina)

Arbalete Associazione

“I really enjoyed the fact that everyone can create their own animal kingdom, trying to get each animal to have the right intention and the right movement. Being able to identify with them also gave me the opportunity to understand animals better and at the same time to understand myself better. " - Lucia Vivian 

Lucia Vivian - Danza e Danza

Mélanie Polato - Danza e Danza

Rachel Jade

Collectif Liagora

"I was focusing on the water, the land and the air, that's how I was able to pick the animals that also fit to my caracter"

Nemanja Boskovic

Marie and Patrick met quite by chance in France, during the summer of 2020. They shot their video on a beach in the south east of France ... It was very hot, dry, and the wind was blowing in the sand. Listen to them discuss the project and tell us about their very fortuitous meeting!

Marie Redlich & Patrick von Frankenberg

A very warm thank you to all participants for their generosity and their participation in the Animal Kingdom project! 

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