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Stronger 2009

Choreographer(s) : Branson, Wilkie (United Kingdom)

Video producer : IDILL

Stronger 2009

Choreographer(s) : Branson, Wilkie (United Kingdom)

Video producer : IDILL



Choreographer Wilkie Branson, Joel Daniel
Director Wilkie Branson
Dance company Champloo Dance Company
Dancers Wilkie Branson, Joel Daniel

Two new-found companions embark on a journey adventuring up a wooded mountain. They take new found jubilance and strength in the completing unity they have found.

Updating : november 2011

Branson, Wilkie

Wilkie Branson is an interdisciplinary dance artist and film maker. Self taught in both dance and film, which form the main focus of his work, the roots of his practice lie in BBoying. Wilkie’s dance style has developed into a unique fusion, with expression, accessibility and integrity at it’s heart. He received the Arts Foundation Choreographic Fellowship in 2012 and was most recently the recipient of several awards for his latest dance animation, Little Dreams. Wilkie is also a New Wave Associate Artist at Sadler's Wells. Over the past 12 months Wilkie has toured works both nationally in the UK and internationally in Europe and North America as a choreographer, movement director and film maker. He is currently in the early development stages for a new work with which he seeks to push further the boundaries between cinematic art forms and live movement based works.

Wilkie is currently begining work on a new Project for Sadler's Wells, « TOM », an integrated dance for camera installation that will be presented as a projection mapped 3D visual and sound experience. The project will bring together cutting edge technology in film, animation, projection mapping and sound design to create an immersive choreographic world for the protagonist to inhabit and the audience to be absorbed within.

Source: Wilkie Branson 's website

More information:

Champloo Dance Company

Champloo is a Bristol-based outfit that  specialises in b-boying, and are considered one of the UK’s most  innovative hiphop dance-theatre companies. With integrated lyrical film  and explosive break-dance, Champloo take their audiences on a  captivating neo hip-hop dance experience. 

White Caps combines multimedia and digital components, following the  journey of two young men as they embark on an epic and gruelling  personal adventure. 

Created and performed by Branson and Daniel, White Caps is set to a  soundtrack by Type Sun, an act with a cult following on the Bristol  music scene. Type Sun are known for working with root tradition drums,  and have collaborated with a variety of artists including Phil King,  Eleanor Rusbridge and DJ Rouge to create a unique score. 

The acclaimed show had its India premiere as a part of the  prestigious Attakkalari India Biennial 2013 in Bengaluru. After  Bengaluru, Champloo reached out to second and third city audiences  across South India through performances, professional training events  and a schools outreach programme.

The British Council in association with GREAT presented Champloo’s  India tour. The tour was also supported by Attakkalari, Prakriti  Foundation and a range of local supporting organisations.

Source: British Council


Artistic direction / Conception : Champloo Dance Company

Choreography : Wilkie Branson, Joel Daniel

Interpretation : Wilkie Branson, Joel Daniel

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