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Dancer's Calling

Available on thursday the 15th of december, 6pm

Dancer's Calling

Available on thursday the 15th of december, 6pm

Dancer's calling

 Available on thursday the 15th of december, 6pm 

On April 25, 2018, through the historic creation of a "choreography" section, dance finally joined the Academy of Fine Arts of the

Institute of France. This act marked a first step towards the recognition of dance as a major art in its own right but also of all

those who choose to make it their vocation.

Dancer's Calling offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself within the professional training of students at the James Carlès

choreographic center in Toulouse, France. There is more to dance than what you see on stage during a show or on a video

clip.The reality of becoming a professional dancer is much more than that: it’s about learning to know oneself and mastering

one's body, acquiring many technical skills in regards to various dance genres and being able to transmit one's knowledge.

This documentary speaks of those who have learned to transform themselves through other works of art, who know how to

control and express emotions, and have found their identity in motion through the spectrum of creation. Throughout this film, we

can also witness how dancers continuously feed themselves with the strength of the collective and human bonds.

Source: Press kit

Carlès, James

James Carles is a choreographer, researcher and lecturer. He received initial training in dance and music of Africa and its Diaspora and then trained with the great names of modern dance in New York and London mainly. Since 1992, he hired an artistic and analytical approach that explores the “places junctions” between the dances, rhythms and philosophies of Africa and its Diaspora with technical and western thoughts frames. To date, his company’s directory contains more than fifty pieces of his own creation and authors like Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Talley Beatty, Asadata Dafora, Geraldine Armstrong, Rick Odums, Wayne Barbaste, Carolyn Carlson, Robyn Orlin, etc.

Dancer soloist and outstanding performer, James Carles was performer and artistic collaborator for not only numerous “all music” ranging from Baroque to contemporary music, through jazz; but also choreographers such as Carolyn Carlson, Robyn Orlin, Rui Horta, Myriam Naisy, etc.

Artist associated with Astrada- Jazz In Marciac 2012-2014, research associate in the laboratory of the University LLA Créatis Jean Jaures Toulouse, James Carles is particularly invests in heritage projects for diversity and diffusion of choreographic culture. He is also founder and artistic director of the festival “Dances and Black Continents”.

Godet, Clément

Clément Godet is a 27 year old French director, specialized in documentary filmmaking and highly motivated to explore the narrative threads of inspiring projects carried by passionate and determined human beings.

His work focuses on cultural and sports projects, bringing a strong cinematic aesthetic and an authentic, realistic immersion within the subject for the audience. He believes in the art of documentary as a vehicle for open-mindedness and discovery to make the world a little more empathetic. For him, it's a tool to walk in the shoes of someone you might never have met, and to better understand their beliefs, struggles and values.

With "Dancer's Calling", he signs his very first feature documentary, entirely self-produced and directed.

“I sincerely hope that this documentary will pay tribute to all those who make dance their vocation and who commit themselves daily to the promotion of this universal art.”

Source: Press kit

Centre chorégraphique James Carlès

Two methodologies transmitted by James Carlès and recognized internationally are part of the artistic and pedagogical project of the center :

- R.E.S.E.T. : Movement techniques with multiple applications for dancers and the person: form, health, expression, creativity, physicality are the assets of this method.

- James Carlès Dance Methodology : Choreographic technique for artists and thinkers. It allows dancers to develop their awareness and mastery of movement (flow), their gesture and their infinite technical and choreographic applications.

More than 2100 students have been trained in the span of 20 years, of which :

- 40% became artists/dancers

- 10% are working in cultural administration, in distribution or production

- 40% became teachers

- 10% are working in the body and well-being professions

Dancer's calling

Artistic direction / Conception : Clément Godet (réalisation)

Artistic direction assistance / Conception : Charlène Convers (assistante réalisation)

Choreography : James Carlès

Original music : Arthur Porro de Bailliencourt

Other collaborations : Mathilde Boulanger (consultante artistique), Margaux Christie (consultante artistique, traduction), Harrison Garret (consultant artistique)

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Magnitude Films

Magnitude Films

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Source: Magnitude Films

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