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Why can't we get along 2018 - Directors : Duffy, Aaron - Partington, Bob

Choreographer(s) : Millepied, Benjamin (France)

Video producer : Rag & bone Films

Why can't we get along 2018 - Directors : Duffy, Aaron - Partington, Bob

Choreographer(s) : Millepied, Benjamin (France)

Video producer : Rag & bone Films

Why can't we get along

rag & bone presents Why Can’t We Get Along, a ‘rag & bone  Films’ Production starring Kate Mara and Ansel Elgort.

The new short film, which was shot in one day, features an eclectic mix  of talent from the worlds of cinematography, music, choreography, dance,  and film. Alongside Elgort and Mara, rag & bone tapped eight  members of the American Ballet Theater, three HipLet Ballerinas, YouTube  sensation Kandi Reign, and three members of Bulletrun Parkour.   Benjamin Millepied co-directed the new rag & bone Films production  alongside Aaron Duffy and Bob Partington as well as celebrated  cinematographer Darius Khondji to explore the medium of film while  shifting perspectives for the viewer.   The track overlay, produced exclusively for rag & bone by Thom Yorke  creates a feeling of friction, which is paralleled by the movement of  the cast of characters.   Khondji worked closely with camera rig veteran, Tony Hill to deliver a  film which seamlessly choreographs not only the dancers and actors  featured, but also the cameras used.

Millepied, Benjamin

Born in France, Benjamin Millepied began his dance training at the age of eight with his mother, Catherine Flori a former modern dancer, while learning track and field from his father Denys Millepied, a former Decathlete. From the age of thirteen to the age of sixteen he attended the Conservatoire National de Lyon, studying with Marie France Dieulevin and Michel Rahn. In the summer of 1992, Mr. Millepied came to New York City to attend the summer program at the School of American Ballet, the official school of New York City Ballet. The following year, he became a full-time student at the school, having received the “Bourse Lavoisier,” a scholarship award from the French Ministry. At SAB he studied with Stanley Williams and Adam Luders. In the 1994 SAB Spring Workshop, Mr. Millepied originated a principal role in Jerome Robbins’ « 2 & 3 Part Inventions », set to music by J.S Bach. He was awarded the “Prix de Lausanne” the same year. In his last year at SAB, Mr. Millepied received the Mae L. Wien Award for Outstanding Promise and was invited to become a member of New York City Ballet. In the spring of 2001, he was promoted to the rank of Principal Dancer at NYCB, where he remained until his retirement as a dancer in 2011. Millepied started choreographing in 2001, and in 2002 he founded « Danses Concertantes ».
From 2006 to 2007, Mr. Millepied was choreographer-in-residence at the Baryshnikov Arts Center and created the solo “Years Later” for Mikhail Baryshnikov. In 2007, he received the United States Artists Wynn Fellowship. In 2010, he was made Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture.

In 2010, Mr. Millepied choreographed and starred in Darren Aronofsky’s « Black Swan ». In 2012, Mr. Millepied moved to Los Angeles, where he conceived of and founded the new dance company L.A. Dance Project. During L.A. Dance Project’s September, 2012 inaugural performances at the Los Angeles Music Center’s Walt Disney Concert Hall. The company performed « Moving Parts », a collaboration between Mr. Millepied,  with composer Nico Muhly, and visual artist Christopher Wool. In May 2013, L.A. Dance Project presented « Reflections », a new work which was the result of a collaboration between Mr. Millepied,  with composer David Lang, artist Barbara Kruger, and which was created with the support of the historic jewelry house Van Cleef and Arpels. In 2013, Millepied founded the Amoveo Company, an artist collective, active in digital media, television and film, and in 2014, he co-founded Artform, a tech start-up company aimed to support and promote the Arts and artists in this current time. Millepied is also a film director, he has directed numerous dance short films over the last 6 years, and is currently in development on a feature film. In January 2013 the Paris Opera Ballet announced Mr. Millepied’s appointment as its new Director, in February 2016, Benjamin resigned from his position. In July 2016, Benjamin came back full time at the helm of L.A Dance Project.

Source : Benjamin Millepied 's website

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Reign, Kandi

Kandi Reign's first television appearance was on B.E.T. in 2014.

In 2016, she featured as the the ONLY female on the “The Purple Reign Tour” opening for rap artist “Future” alongside Lil Donald. 

She also joined the Scream Nation “Let’s Dance Tour” almost simultaneously, quickly followed by the "300 Birth Of A New Nation" Tour.

2017 started out with a huge movement for Kandi. Her hit single (I Feel Like Demi Lovato) spread like  wildfire! Fans worldwide began to participate in singing and dancing to  the single. Press coverage from Brazil to Dubai to Germany and back to the United States started a frenzy for her fans AND  Demi Lovato Fans alike. 

Kandi collaborated with megabrand Rag And Bones on the 2018 Spring Collection Commercial. She also makes a guest appearance on the hit television show "Fresh Off The Boat".

It is also worth mentioning that Kandi Reign played a role in the movie "Hotlanta" as well as in the unreleased movie titled "My Best Friend Is Black" along side of Emmanuel Hudson and Phillip Hudson.

Kandi has toured with Future, Ty Dolla Sign, IHeart Memphis, DLow, Toonz, 99Percent, Silento and has worked, closely, with many of the industry’s finest including Chance The Rapper, 2Chainz and Young Thug. 

Kandi Reign is, currently, homeschooled as she travels throughout the country.

Source :

Duffy, Aaron

Aaron Duffy is a creative director, founder, thinker and maker. He works with a for visual communications and finding new ways to delight viewers. Conducting with both concept and technique is central to Aaron's process. For Aaron the viewer is not a that needs to be pulled at the strings. A good story or communication is a gift that the viewer is eager to. There should be an opportunity for discovery, a chance to be shocked by thebuilt up by the friction in the viewer's head. Leading teams and working collaboratively is a of importance to Aaron. The competitiveof New York City has been a driving force since moving there in 2007. Not long after arriving in NYC, Aaron met the co-founders of and from there they all saw. Aaron became a director, creative director, and partner while racking up numerous and has since co-founded, a hybrid creative agency in Brooklyn.

Source :

Partington, Bob

Bob Partington is an actor and director, known for OK Go: The Writing's on the Wall (2014), Why Can't We Get Along (2018) and ThingamaBob (2014).

Source : IMdb


Bullettrun is a collaborative multimedia company that uses the art of  parkour to provide men and women with social, educational and  performance opportunities in NYC.

Source :

Hiplet Ballerinas

The Hiplet™ journey started with a ballet created in the early 90’s called “The Rap Ballet”. It was set to rap music where dancers performed the “running man” and other popular dances on point. Then in 2005, one of the dancers was booked with the UniverSoul Circus, and Artistic Director Homer Hans Bryant started to play around with different Hip-Hop moves which eventually led to the development and trademark of the Hiplet™ technique.

Fast forward to today, after about a year of posting videos of the dancers in Hiplet™ class on Instagram, Só Bailarinos shared one of the videos on Facebook. Then BuzzFeed created a video telling the Hiplet™ story. Then Good Morning America called!

After going mega viral this summer videos of Hiplet are shared around the world via social media, reaching over 75 Million views to date. And the calls are still coming in…

CMDC is the only contemporary ballet school in the world that teaches the Hiplet™ technique, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. We’ve gotten calls and emails from across the country and we want to share the technique with as many dancers as possible.

Our goal is to train dancers and build a professional Hiplet™ dance company, and take the show on the road!

We are also planning to certify dance instructors to teach Hiplet™. A dancers knees and ankles have to be very strong. Not all ballet dancers are ready for this and we want to properly train instructors.

Hiplet™ fuses classical pointe technique with Hip-Hop and urban dance styles. It was specifically designed to make ballet accessible to all, by mixing it with current popular songs that will be familiar to audiences who don’t normally attend ballet performances.

At the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center, we are empowering lives through dance! And we want to be able to accept any student that comes through our doors with talent, regardless of their economic ability.

Source :

American Ballet Theatre

American Ballet Theatre is an internationally celebrated cultural institution. We are America’s National Ballet Company because we are dedicated to preserving and extending the great legacy of classical dancing.

At ABT, we know that by sharing art we can develop a global community of art enthusiasts that transcends cultural boundaries. The American Ballet Theatre team – from staff, artists, and our Board of Trustees, to our dedicated volunteers – works tirelessly to produce innovative performances, reach the widest possible audience, and provide the highest quality education in classical dance.

At your fingertips is a wealth of information, but be warned: the more you learn, the more you’re going to fall in love. On behalf of our entire team, welcome to American Ballet Theatre.

Source :

Why can't we get along

Artistic direction / Conception : Aaron Duffy, Benjamin Millepied

Choreography : Benjamin Millepied

Interpretation : Bullettrun, Kandi Reign, Kate Mara, Ansel Elgort

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Rag and bone films

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