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We are Numeridanse : Lalanbik

We are Numeridanse : Lalanbik

We are Numeridanse

Artists, companies, institutions, these structures bring to the platform their audiovisual heritage, their knowledge, their expertise in favor of the choreographic art. For the platform's 10th anniversary, it was important and necessary to put the contributors of Numeridanse in the spotlight! 

In order to celebrate them and so that Numeridanse users get to know them better, we have invited our contributors to answer a series of questions about their works, their inspirations, their desire for collaborations, their creation anecdotes. 

Discover these artists in the We are Numeridanse collection!

Soraya Thomas,

Marion Schrotzenberger,

Marion  Schrotzenberger began her training in contempo-raine dance at the  Conservatoire National de Région de Châlon sur Saône. She graduated with  the gold medal.    
She  then entered the F11 (dance technique) course at the Conservatoire de  Danse de Lyon and the Lycée St Exupéry. She will take the courses taught  by professors F. Bénet and M. Mengual. This high level training will  give him the chance to take the courses and masterclasses given by  choreographers of international reputation: Carolyn Carlson, Odile  Duboc, Maguy Marin...
She  will complete her training by obtaining the F11 baccalaureate with the  mention very well and the diploma of graduation in contemporary dance  with the mention very well unanimously of the jury.

It  will then be accepted upon hearing and with a two-year age derogation  from the international training “” at the Centre Chorégraphique  National de Montpellier under the direction of Mathilde Monnier. The  training will be delivered by the greatest names in contemporary dance:  choreographers Mark Tompkins, Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton, Odile  Duboc, Emmanuelle Huynh, dance historian Laurence Louppe...
After completing her training, she moved to Brussels. Her  first project in Belgium was an encounter with Belgian and Quebec  artists (dancers, videographers, circassians) with choreographer Edith  Depaule, assistant to Michèle Anne de Mey.

The plays will be performed in Brussels (Théâtre de L') and Montréal (Théâtre de Verdure)
Following  the performances at the Théâtre de L'L, he was invited to participate  as a young choreographer in the 2005 Festival “Danse en vol”. She  created her first play «Arizona» with the musician Ismaël Colombani.
She  then founded the collective Lookatmekid with Ismaël Colombani and  Cosima Jentzsch. For 5 years, the collective will regularly come to  Reunion to perform its shows and conduct artistic residencies in  schools.
For  2 years now Marion and other members of the collective have officially  resided between Brussels and Reunion Island and continue the work of  Lookatmekid.

His  installation two years ago on Reunion will be marked by the creation of  «Saut'la mer à l'envers» supported by the Békali network. It is on the history of his Creole family that the entire dramaturgy of the show is based. The question of origins, migrations and the fa-milial link are danced spoken and set to music. This  piece will also mark his desire to deepen the relationship between  gesture and word and the integration of amateur extras into his  professional work.

Brabant, Jérôme

Jérôme Brabant is a choreographer, born in 1973 at Saint-Pierre in Reunion Island. He studied theatre at Paris 8 University and the Mimodrame Marcel Marceau School. In 2001 he joined the Toulouse/Midi-Pyrenées Choreographic Development Centre to follow the “Extensions” course and started his career as a dancer-performer for several companies: Marco Berrettini’s *Melk Prod, the Samuel Mathieu company, the Patricia Ferrara company/Unber-Humber Group.

Jérôme Brabant started working as a choreographer from 2002, when he founded the UND und ballet with Marion Muzac. He created his first pieces: Roomy Dancing in 2002, Gala in 2003 and Pavilion in 2004.

In 2011 he founded his Octogonale Company on Reunion Island. His return to the island was the opportunity for him to search for a choreography that focused on the island’s identity. He created his first solo, Heimat, “the country you carry within you”.

In 2014, he produced his second solo performance called Impair, which was inspired by the craft of his grandparents, who were well-known for their knowledge of medicinal plants and magnetic healing.

In 2015, Jérôme Brabant collaborated with New Gravity, a group of free runners, and with them he created the piece Emergency.

In 2016, he researched exoticism with Maud Pizon and created A Taste of Ted, a group of solos adapted from original creations by Ted Shawn.


Source : Lalanbik’s website

More information : 

Languet, Eric

Eric Languet admits that he has never been able to integrate a group, even though he accepts its codes and conventions. It’s probably this feeling of illegitimacy that nurtures his career as a dancer and choreographer since 30 years, questioning the margin, the a-normality, inviting to the ball those for who life wasn’t marked out (destinated) for dancing.

He did however integrate several groups, and not the least. After having discovered dance in Reunion Island, where he grew up, he studied at CNR de Rueil-Malmaison and took up a career as a ballet dancer.

A career that led him to the Opéra de Paris, and then to the Royal New-Zealand Ballet, where he was nominated principal dancer and resident choreographer. Even if he respects the hierarchy of merit, on the other hand he doesn’t appreciate the idea of conforming himself to the label that his status as a principal dancer imposed.

His aesthetic choice and choreographic issue will be strongly influenced by the work of Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe and Douglas Wright. As a dancer for the Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre, he experiments real-time composition with Mark Tompkins and an approach to physical theatre with Zéro Théâtre. He opened the way for the Compagnie Danses en l’R, that he founded in 1998 in Reunion Island : the one of a human dance in society, staging the individual and his difficulties, through their most simple aspect, the gesture.

His conception of beauty and his work method will continue to evolve thanks to two essential encounters : with Lloyd Newson, under whose direction he works in the DV8 Physical Theatre for the creation of «The Cost of Living » in 2000, and with David Toole, incredible dancer, born without legs, with whom he tours in Europe for the rerun of this creation. According to Eric Languet, beauty has no longer to do with the aesthetic of the body. It is elsewhere, inside the vulnerability, cracks, subtleties and ambiguity of the relation towards the other.

He was trained by Adam Benjamin, co-founder of the Candoco Dance Company, to physically integrated dance and directs since 2004 workshops in connection with several institutions and hospitals of Reunion Island, ELEC «Espace Libre Et Change» mingling disabled and non-disabled dancers. He involved Wilson Payet in his company, a dancer in wheelchair, trained within the framework of these workshops, who performs in two of his pieces «Attention fragile» and «Fragments d’un discours lumineux», in which Eric Languet dances as well. 

The choreographer has never stopped dancing and feeds his creations with his experience as a performer. The piece «In a world full of butterflies, it takes balls to be a caterpillar, some thoughts of falling...» which he performed with Robyn Orlin in 2013, certainly reinforced his choreographic view, between physical theatre, performance and the power of dance to transcend.

Source : Danses en l’R’s website

More information :

Chateau, Edith

Bongarçon, Stephen

Deschamps, Tiffanie

After training in video editing, Tiffanie Deschamps made her debut in television. From the start, she never ceased to build bridges between her work as an audiovisual editor and her activities as light manager and assistant director for live shows with the Mac Guffin collective. Co-founder and co-director of the Théâtre de l'Uchronie in Lyon since 2013, she naturally comes to portray theatrical and choreographic pieces, and to tell the dance, in particular within the Maison de la Danse de Lyon and during cultural events such as the Lyon Dance Biennale. 


Lalanbik was founded in 2014, in Reunion Island. It contributes to the  valorization of actors and choreographics writings of Indian Ocean  territories. Lalanbik implement online ressources tools : the first is  its website, concerning the Indian Ocean Dance news, and the other one  is its online video library, which brings contents about contemporary  and traditional dance writings. Lalanbik works in partnership to lead  its actions in favor of the widening of publics with : libraries,  theatres, dance schools, schools and higher education.

Source : Lalanbik's website

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We are Numeridanse

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