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Our Animal Kingdom

Our Animal Kingdom

Our Animal Kingdom

Our Animal Kingdom is the result of a collective work, following the participatory project Animal Kingdom, and the reflection of fundamental themes: the relationship of man to nature, the individual within the collective, the connection between human beings, the relationship between humans and animals and their animals ...

Launched in February 2020, Animal Kingdom invited each of us to explore the links between man and nature. In a world where individuals are more and more connected, it has become essential and stimulating for us to collectively invent and invest a new space.

Amateur and professional dancers with no age limit were invited to create a choreography and film themselves wondering: what are the animals within me?

172 videos were sent, 31 countries are represented. Our Animal Kingdom is the end result. 

For a year, Numeridanse worked in close collaboration with Akram Khan Company to develop this project, make it known to as many people as possible and share its values. Dance enthusiasts from all over the world have gone through this experience and shared their animal kingdom with us. Thank you very much to the participants for their generosity and their participation in the Animal Kingdom project.

Animal Kingdom is a Numeridanse and Akram Khan Company project, supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation.

Dos, Maxime

A graduate of the 2005 promotion from the Institute of Audiovisual Communication Trades (IMCA) in Avignon, Maxime Dos lives and works in Grenoble as a director, cameraman, editor and graphic designer.
Since 2010, he has been responsible for audiovisual communication for the contemporary company of Akram Khan (London): trailer, documentary, recording, webdoc, and develops a universe specific to each creation, in particular thanks to his skills in dressing and motion design.
He also works with the contemporary dance company Jean-Claude Gallotta for whom he has made numerous recordings of dance performances, as well as teasers and concepts of video scenograph.


Akram Khan Company

In July 1999 in the foyer of the Queen  Elizabeth Hall in London, an animated and curiosity-filled conversation  took place between the young gifted dancer/choreographer Akram Khan and  an ambitious former dancer and just recently graduated arts manager  Farooq Chaudhry. That conversation laid the foundation stone for a  dynamic collaboration, culminating in the creation of Akram Khan Company  one year later.

Inspired by Akram Khan’s early training in the Indian classical dance  form Kathak, and the hybrid language that organically emerged when  Akram’s kathak training encountered contemporary dance in his teens, a  vision began to form, fuelled by a desire to learn and create through  collaboration with the very best people across all the disciplines in  the arts.

The rules were simple: take risks, think big and daring, explore the  unfamiliar, avoid compromise and tell stories through dance that are  compelling and relevant, with artistic integrity.

In just over twenty years Akram Khan Company  is now undisputedly one of the foremost innovative dance companies in  the world. The programmes range from kathak and modern solos to  artist-to-artist collaborations and ensemble productions. The company  has a major international presence and enjoys busy tours that reach out  to many cultures and peoples across the globe. Akram Khan has been the  recipient of numerous international dance awards, the most notable being  an Olivier Award for his solo production DESH in 2012. A  milestone in the company’s journey was the creation of a section of the  London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in 2012. Akram Khan Company is an  associate artist at Sadler’s Wells Theatre and Mountview Academy of  Theatre Arts in London and Curve Theatre in Leicester.


Akram Khan Company produces thoughtful, provocative  and ambitious dance productions for the international stage. Akram Khan  takes human themes and works with others to take them to new and  unexpected places – embracing and collaborating with other cultures and  disciplines. The dance language in each production is rooted in Akram  Khan’s classical Kathak and modern dance training and his fascination  with storytelling. The work continually evolves to communicate ideas  that are intelligent, courageous and new, bringing with it international  acclaim and recognition as well as artistic and commercial success.

Source: Akram Khan Company

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Maison de la Danse de Lyon

The Maison de la Danse proposes a programme where a wide array of styles meets: from leading choreographers of the 20th century to young, up-to-the-minute creators, it brings together creation and repertoire. A digital, cultural development and mediation strategy complete this project, in particular through, a multimedia platform initiated by the Maison de la Danse.

Source : Maison de la Danse de Lyon

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Our Animal Kingdom

Artistic direction / Conception : Akram Khan

Original music : Vincenzo Lamagna

Video conception : Maxime Dos

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Numeridanse, Akram Khan Company

Our themas and videos suggestions

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