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A human being – Her multiple selves – A digital creature


A human being – Her multiple selves – A digital creature

Myselves, performance description

A human being – Her multiple selves – A digital creature

An interactive choreographic performance  which stages a dialog between a dancer and her multiple selves,  embodied in an autonomous and unpredictable visual and aural creature,  which emanates from her psyche as interpreted by optical and body  sensors.

A contemplative, metaphysical artwork.

An inner journey.

In touch with the mystery of the breath of life.

Sound design: Antoine Schmitt & Jean-Marc Matos
Music: Robert Crouch, Ipek Gorgun, Nils Frahm, Franck Vigroux, Daniel  Brandt, Hauschka, Klara Lewis & Simon Fisher Turner, Biosphere
Lights: Fabien Leprieult
Costumes: Benjamin Haegel

Collaboration on the technology: Stefano Piana (engineer)
Research Center Casa Paganini_InfoMus, Genoa, Italy, Dir. Antonio Camurri
Automatic analysis of movement qualities made with the EyesWeb platform

Research Center InfoMus Casa Paganini, Genoa, Italy DIBRIS, University of Genoa, Italy
Bogliasco Foundation, Genoa, Italy –  New-York, USA
Cultural Center Bellegarde, Toulouse, France
Theater the Ring, Toulouse
Theater Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane
Studio La Vannerie-City of Toulouse
Cultural center Jean de Joigny, Joigny  

City of Toulouse
Regional Council Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée ( Digital Cultures and Innovation)
General Council of the Haute-Garonne
European project WhoLoDancE


Matos, Jean-Marc

Dancer, choreographer and artistic director. Trained at the Cunningham Studio in New-York, he has performed with David Gordon (Judson Church). He is interested in the impact of digital technology on society, in order to develop a meaningful relationship between dance and new media. He has choreographed more than 45 pieces which have been presented extensively in France (Avignon Festival, the Pompidou Center, etc.) and in many countries (Europe, Central and South America, USA, Canada, North Africa, India, Pakistan). He is involved in  several cross-cultural and multidisciplinary projects, including  the EU supported projects Metabody and Wholodance, for which he is one of the co-organizing partners.

Masson, Marianne

Dancer, choreographer and performer.

At the age of 19, she successfully obtained her 2 EAT Degree (Professional Academic Dance Technique – Contemporary and Jazz) and then the Superior Choreographic Studies Degree. 

In parallel with her school education, she trained in acting with the directors of the Nouveau Théâtre Jules-Julien in Toulouse for 10 years. In 2009, she created with dance partner Chloé Caillat and musician Pierre Pollet, the MMCC Company, which has in its repertoire 5 pieces based on the relationships between dance / music and dance / theater.

Since then, as well as producing her own work, she is performing for many companies: Du Théâtre Réel (Toulouse - France), Isabelle Lefèvre‘s Son'Icône Danse (Nantes - France), Jean-Marc Matos and Anne Holst’s K. Danse (Toulouse - France), Emmanuel Grivet’s Company (Tournefeuille - France), Mario G. Sáez’s Erre que Erre Danza (Barcelona - Spain), Claire Coquil and Olivier Nevejans’s les Âmes Fauves (Toulouse - France) and Benjamin Haegel’s Tide Company (Toulouse - France).

Schmitt, Antoine

Antoine Schmitt's work has received several awards in international festivals : transmediale (Berlin, second prize 2007, honorary 2001), Ars Electronica (Linz, second prize 2009), UNESCO International Festival of Video-Dance (Paris, first prize online 2002), Vida 5.0 (Madrid, honorary 2002), CYNETart (Dresden, honorary 2004), medi@terra (Athens, first prize 1999), Interférences (Belfort, first prize 2000), and has been exhibited among others at the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), at Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris), at Sonar (Barcelona), at Ars Electronica (Linz), at the CAC of Sienna (Italy), at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon (France), in Nuits Blanches (Paris, Amiens, Metz, Bruxelles and Madrid). It is part of the collections of the Foundations Artphilein (CH), Fraenkel (USA), Meeschaert (FR), Société Générale (FR), of the Espace Gantner (Bourgogne, FR), of the Cube (Issy-Mx, FR), of the Paris Municipal Contemporary Art Fund (FMAC)…He is represented by Galerie Charlot (Paris), and collaborates with bureau Olivia Sappey d’anjou. Lives and works in Paris (FR).

Pique, Guillaume

Guillaume Pique, video artist and musician

Pique Guillaume

Guillaume Pique, réalisateur vidéo et musicien

Cie K. Danse

Contemporary dance Company involved in many production, mediation and research projects integrating dance and digital arts.

The choreographic approach of the K. Danse Company develops a contemporary movement language by the dialectic confrontation between the physical body (lived, experienced) and the visual body (seen, virtual). 


Artistic direction / Conception : Matos Jean-Marc

Artistic direction assistance / Conception : Schmitt Antoine, Masson Marianne : co conception

Choreography : Matos Jean-Marc

Choreography assistance : Masson Marianne

Interpretation : Masson Marianne

Artistic consultancy / Dramaturgy : Holst Anne

Stage direction : Matos Jean-Marc

Set design : Matos Jean-Marc, Schmitt Antoine, Masson Marianne

Live music : Antoine Schmitt : création visuelle, sonore et interactive

Additionnal music : Robert Crouch, Ipek Gorgun, Nils Frahm, Franck Vigroux, Daniel Brandt, Hauschka, Klara Lewis & Simon Fisher Turner, Biosphere

Video conception : Antoine Schmitt : création visuelle, sonore et interactive

Lights : Fabien Leprieult

Costumes : Benjamin Haegel

Technical direction : Fabien Leprieult

Sound : Antoine Schmitt & Jean-Marc Matos : design sonore

Other collaborations : Collaboration technologique : Stefano Piana (ingénieur) Centre de Recherche Casa Paganini_InfoMus, Gênes, Italie, Dir. Antonio Camurri. Analyse automatisée des qualités de mouvement réalisée avec la plateforme EyesWeb

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Centre de Recherche InfoMus Casa Paganini, Gênes, Italie (DIBRIS, Université de Gênes, Italie), Fondation Bogliasco, Gênes, Italie – New-York, Centre culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse, Théâtre le Ring, Toulouse, Théâtre Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane, Espace Culturel Jean de Joigny, Joigny, Studio La Vannerie-La Baraque-Ville de Toulouse, Institut français du Maroc et FIAV, Casablanca. Soutiens : Ville de Toulouse, Conseil Régional Occitanie (Innovation et Cultures Numériques), Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Garonne, Projet européen WhoLoDancE, Spedidam

Duration : 50 mn

Press article

Press article by Marc Mercier (Les instants vidéo) :

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