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"Carmina Burana" d'après l'oeuvre de Carl Orff

Carmina Burana

Chorégraphie et mise en scène : James Carlès avec le chœur  du Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse : Direction Alfonso Caiani

Lumière  : Arnaud Shulz 

Scénographie : James Carlès et Arnaud Schulz

Costumes : James Carlès et Habiba Yacine Diab

Carlès, James

Since 2016, James Carlès has made the choice to make available to the public a selection of its videos.

Centre chorégraphique James Carlès

Two methodologies transmitted by James Carlès and recognized internationally are part of the artistic and pedagogical project of the center :

- R.E.S.E.T. : Movement techniques with multiple applications for dancers and the person: form, health, expression, creativity, physicality are the assets of this method.

- James Carlès Dance Methodology : Choreographic technique for artists and thinkers. It allows dancers to develop their awareness and mastery of movement (flow), their gesture and their infinite technical and choreographic applications.

More than 2100 students have been trained in the span of 20 years, of which :

- 40% became artists/dancers

- 10% are working in cultural administration, in distribution or production

- 40% became teachers

- 10% are working in the body and well-being professions

"Carmina Burana" d'après l'oeuvre de Carl Orff

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