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Ô mon corps

At the National Theater of Algiers, Ô mon corps! (Ô my body!)  follows  the French choreographer Abou Lagraa, assisted by Nawal Ait  Benalla-Lagraa, his wife, working on the creation of a first Algerian  contemporary dance training. For the show Nya  ("Trusting Life"), rehearsals on stage, the ten dancers from hip-hop will gradually find the strength and energy to embody this "confidence" in front of the public.

Laurent Aït  Benalla records the way in which, throughout the preparation of the work, the choreographer and his wife demonstrate a highly demanding attitude from their dancers.

Source : Cie La Baraka

More information : 

Lagraa - Aït Benalla, Nawal

Born in Morocco of a Berber father and French mother, Nawal Aït Benalla Lagraa moved to France with her family when she was eight. She began ballet very young and completed her classical training, during which she tackled the repertoire’s great roles. Before long, Nawal broadened her dancing and became interested in contemporary and jazz styles. She took part in
productions with the Armstrong Jazz Ballet, where she had the opportunity to work with choreographers as contrasting as Wayne Barbaste and Géraldine Armstrong, Georges Momboye and Matt Mattox... 

An artist in the fullest sense, open to diverse forms of artistic expression, Nawal was soon approached by many other choreographers and directors.
As a result, she has performed in Jacques Weber’s Cyrano de Bergerac at the Théâtre du Châtelet, in Yannis Kokkos’ The Trojans and at Opéra Bastille with Blanca Li... She has also taken part in numerous audiovisual events. 

Passionately committed to exchanges and teaching, in 2005 she obtained her State Diploma as a dance teacher at the Centre National de la Danse, Pantin (Paris). 

She joined the La Baraka company in 2006 for Matri(k)is and became Abou Lagraa’s assistant for the Ballet Memphis (USA) commission in 2007. 

For the Lyon International Dance Biennial in 2008, Abou Lagraa devised the duet D Eux Sens for Nawal and himself. 

In 2009, she assisted Abou Lagraa for the Closing Ceremony of the Pan African Festival in Algiers. This was a revelation for her, and she decided to dedicate herself more fully to training young Algerian dancers, offering them professional status through an introduction to contemporary dance. 

In 2010, in addition to performing in Un monde en soi, a piece for seven dancers and the Debussy Quartet, she helped Abou Lagraa develop the Mediterranean Cultural Bridge project for which she took over the educational leadership. 

In her own words This intensive training is, in my opinion, the right way to convey to these young performers, committed in body and in soul, the appreciation for hard work and thought that you need to gain access to the state of dance, to freedom... 

She continues to teach while NYA is on tour, and shares her love of teaching in many workshops and masterclasses, particularly in France, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Russia, the USA... 

She assisted Abou Lagraa for his 2012 creation, Univers l Afrique, and helps the dancers of the Algiers Contemporary Ballet in their teaching mission to help a new generation of teacher/dancers bloom in Algeria. 

Source : La Baraka

En savoir plus :

Ait Benalla, Laurent

Born in 1976, lives and works in Montpelier. Operator and photographer, he forms in the recording and turns a first documentary movie about chikhat, in Morocco, with Mohammed Atif, in 2003. He creates then SLAB, a structure of production within which he turns a portrait of the film-maker Marcel Hanoun and a short documentary between 2008 and 2009, and coproduces diverse projects.

In 2010, la Compagnie La Baraka commands him the realization of a short movie, turned in Algiers, on the preparation of Nya, Abou Lagraa: it looks On the Bridge (9 '). He intends to prolong this meeting with young Algerian contemporary dancers and la compagnie La Baraka by a movie, for the television or the cinema, which redraws this adventure.

Source : SLAB production

En savoir plus :

Ô mon corps

Choreography : Abou Lagraa

Choreography assistance : Nawal Aït Benalla-Lagraa

Interpretation : Compagnie Nationale d'Algers

Sound : Laurent Aït Benalla

Production / Coproduction of the video work : SLAB / Doha Film Institute, Fondation BNP Paribas, CR Languedoc-Roussillon

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