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Maison de la danse 2024 - Directors : Belanger, Juliette - Plasson, Fabien

Choreographer(s) : Bory, Aurélien (France)

Present in collection(s): Maison de la danse

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Maison de la danse 2024 - Directors : Belanger, Juliette - Plasson, Fabien

Choreographer(s) : Bory, Aurélien (France)

Present in collection(s): Maison de la danse

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In Palermo, in the footsteps of Pina  Bausch, Aurélien Bory has combined theater, dance and visual art  featuring a vast 15th century fresco.

Aurélien Bory is offering a tribute to  the capital of the island of Sicily, a land with a history of different  civilizations and cultures.  There he discovered The Triumph of Death,  an extraordinary fresco measuring approximately 6 meters (20 feet)  square and which he adopted for the stage backdrop, challenging the very  forces of life.  Actors and dancers enact contemporary dramas where  even the younger generation must confront the prospect of death;  such  is the experience of migrants driven to travel across the sea, and the  experience of a woman battling disease. Invisibili creates a  dialogue, moving from a tableau verging on dance to a macabre circle  dance, a dialogue with the 34 characters from the fresco, endowing  visible shape and sade on death and time, both being devoid of shape and  shade.

Thomas Hahn

Source: Théâtre de la Ville

Bory, Aurélien

Aurélien Bory was born in Colmar in 1972. His studies in physics in Strasbourg led him to the field of architectural acoustics.  He then ended his scientific curriculum in 1995.  He settled in Toulouse where he joined the creative studio at the Lido, the Circus Arts Centre. In 1998, he played in Theatre Tattoo's "L'Odyssée" directed by Mladen Materic.  In 2000 he founded Compagnie 111 with actor Olivier Alenda.  He then conceived and began the six-year-long space trilogy project, in collaboration with Phil Soltanoff, including "IJK", "Plan B" and "Plus ou moins l'infini" (More or less, Infinity).
In 2003 he directed Pierre Rigal in his first solo creation Erection, the stem of their ungoing collaboration, which also originated their second work together: Arrêts de Jeu premiered in 2006. Merging various other fields, he created "Taoub" in 2004 in Tangier with twelve moroccan acrobats, this very show will launch the international career of the Groupe acrobatique de Tanger (Tangier Acrobatic Group).  In 2008 Aurélien was the recipient of the "Créateur sans frontières" (Creator without borders)/ Radio France trophy for his international creations, notably "Les sept planches de la ruse" (The seven boards of skill) created in China in 2007 with performers from Dalian. In 2008 and 2009, he conceived two creations: "Questcequetudeviens?", a portrait of a woman, and "Sans Objet", a piece for an industrial robot. His creations include different artistic fields : theatre, circus, dance, visual arts, music...  His genre-crossing approach is inscribed within the question of space and is explored through his distinctive scenography. In 2016, he created "ESPÆCE" based on the French writer Georges Perec 's work, at the Festival d'Avignon (France).

Source: Company 111 's website ; Plan Bey 's press file

More information :

Belanger, Juliette

Juliette Belanger is a director and editor, mainly in the field of live performance (theater, dance, music, etc.).

It was during her first years of study in Métiers des Arts et de la Culture, which she began in Lille in 2018 and finished in Paris in 2021, that Juliette developed her skills and taste for images and video creation. 

She soon became intrigued by the world of live performance, and her first professional experiences began in 2019. Between theater festivals, companies and other production associations, she discovers and defends the stakes of video for the dissemination of live performance. She completed her university studies in 2022, taking the Licence Professionnelle Techniques et Pratiques Artistiques du montage at Lyon II.  

She discovered the world of dance in 2023, working with Fabien Plasson, video director at the Pôle Image de la Maison de la Danse. 

Today, she produces and edits video footage of theater and dance performances for various festivals, companies and cultural events, while continuing to create various video content around the performing arts (reports on creations, artist portraits, etc.).

Plasson, Fabien

Born in 1977, Fabien Plasson is a video director specialized in the field of performing arts (dance , music, etc).

During his studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (joined in 1995) Fabien discovered video art. He was trained by various video artists (Joel Bartoloméo Pascal Nottoli , Eric Duyckaerts , etc).
He first experimented with the creation of installations and cinematic objects.

From 2001 to 2011, he was in charge of Ginger & Fred video Bar’s programming at La Maison de la Danse in Lyon. He discovered the choreographic field and the importance of this medium in the dissemination, mediation and pedagogical approach to dance alongside Charles Picq, who was a brilliant video director and the director of the video department at that time.

Today, Fabien Plasson is the video director at La Maison de la Danse and in charge of the video section of, an online international  video library, and continues his creative activities, making videos of concerts, performances and also creating video sets for live performances.

Sources: Maison de la Danse ; Fabien Plasson website

More information:


Artistic direction / Conception : Aurélien Bory

Interpretation : Blanca Lo Verde, Maria Stella Pitarresi, Arabella Scalisi, Valeria Zampardi, Chris Obehi, Gianni Gebbia

Artistic consultancy / Dramaturgy : Manuela Agnesini, Stéphane Chipeaux-Dardé

Stage direction : Aurélien Bory

Set design : Aurélien Bory

Original music : Gianni Gebbia, Joan Cambon

Lights : Arno Veyrat

Costumes : Manuela Agnesini

Settings : Hadrien Albouy, Stéphane Chipeaux-Dardé, Pierre Dequivre, Thomas Dupeyron, Mickaël Godbille

Sound : Stéphane Ley

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Cie 111

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Maison de la danse

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