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Corps émouvant

Young people from the antipodes will live a unique adventure of inclusive dance, discovering themselves beyond their differences, beyond their disabilities. Between intimate struggles and collective construction, a team of passionate professionals will accompany them in this singular journey, helping them grow and show that together, everything becomes accessible.

The film is available on VOD in full in a French version with English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing on

Languet, Eric

Eric Languet admits that he has never been able to integrate a group, even though he accepts its codes and conventions. It’s probably this feeling of illegitimacy that nurtures his career as a dancer and choreographer since 30 years, questioning the margin, the a-normality, inviting to the ball those for who life wasn’t marked out (destinated) for dancing.

He did however integrate several groups, and not the least. After having discovered dance in Reunion Island, where he grew up, he studied at CNR de Rueil-Malmaison and took up a career as a ballet dancer.

A career that led him to the Opéra de Paris, and then to the Royal New-Zealand Ballet, where he was nominated principal dancer and resident choreographer. Even if he respects the hierarchy of merit, on the other hand he doesn’t appreciate the idea of conforming himself to the label that his status as a principal dancer imposed.

His aesthetic choice and choreographic issue will be strongly influenced by the work of Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe and Douglas Wright. As a dancer for the Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre, he experiments real-time composition with Mark Tompkins and an approach to physical theatre with Zéro Théâtre. He opened the way for the Compagnie Danses en l’R, that he founded in 1998 in Reunion Island : the one of a human dance in society, staging the individual and his difficulties, through their most simple aspect, the gesture.

His conception of beauty and his work method will continue to evolve thanks to two essential encounters : with Lloyd Newson, under whose direction he works in the DV8 Physical Theatre for the creation of «The Cost of Living » in 2000, and with David Toole, incredible dancer, born without legs, with whom he tours in Europe for the rerun of this creation. According to Eric Languet, beauty has no longer to do with the aesthetic of the body. It is elsewhere, inside the vulnerability, cracks, subtleties and ambiguity of the relation towards the other.

He was trained by Adam Benjamin, co-founder of the Candoco Dance Company, to physically integrated dance and directs since 2004 workshops in connection with several institutions and hospitals of Reunion Island, ELEC «Espace Libre Et Change» mingling disabled and non-disabled dancers. He involved Wilson Payet in his company, a dancer in wheelchair, trained within the framework of these workshops, who performs in two of his pieces «Attention fragile» and «Fragments d’un discours lumineux», in which Eric Languet dances as well. 

The choreographer has never stopped dancing and feeds his creations with his experience as a performer. The piece «In a world full of butterflies, it takes balls to be a caterpillar, some thoughts of falling...» which he performed with Robyn Orlin in 2013, certainly reinforced his choreographic view, between physical theatre, performance and the power of dance to transcend.

Source : Danses en l’R’s website

More information :

Lefièvre, Adeline

Involved in the STÉLA association since 2010, Adeline Lefièvre has been working alongside Anna Alexandre to develop various Dance & Cinema projects, including workshops combining bodies and images aimed at schoolchildren and all able-bodied or disabled members of the public. She holds a State Diploma as a dance teacher, certified level B1 in French Sign Language (CECRL) In 2018, Adeline will take part in the launch of the new DAN.CIN.LAB platform developed by Stéla, bringing together all the activities developed by the structure around the body in movement and image in France and internationally.

Faye, Anthony

Anthony Faye is gradually building a poetic, fantastic style, with an offbeat side. These first films win several awards in short film festivals in Monistrol, Paris, Grasse and Sydney. In 2019, Anthony co-writes with Anna Alexandre Moving Bodies his second creative documentary about young amateur dancers with disabilities engaged in an inclusive creation of Ravel's Boléro in the Loire and Reunion Island. The film had its world premiere in January 2020 at the Athens Video Dance Project Festival. Moving Bodies is then selected for the FIFA Montreal 2020 and the Master of Arts Festival 2021.

Alexandre, Anna

After a double curriculum in dance and management that took her from Nice to Montreal, Anna Alexandre began in 1996 her career in administration and artistic production within several international dance companies.

In 2009, she creates Stéla, a non-profit organization aiming for the development of strong artistic projects in France and abroad around dance and image. Anna creates in 2010 the DesArts//DesCinés Festival, exploring the great contemporary issues through the crossed prisms of live dance performances and cinema screenings. Anna launches in 2015 the Festival’s International Short Dance Film Competition, whose winners are invited in France to write and shoot their next dance films.

At the same time, she participates in the foundation of the Studiotrade network for the sharing of residency spaces in Europe, and in 2018, in the Mediterranean Screendance Network to further encourage the circulation of artists, works and ideas. 

In 2019, Anna launches DAN.CIN.LAB platform, with a brand new international festival dedicated to Societal Dance Film, associated with expertise and projects focusing on the genre. Since then, she is also leading mAPs - migrating Artists Project supported by Creative Europe, a ground-breaking process conceived with 4 amazing partners of the field - Coorpi, Tanzrauschen, Malakta and MØZ -, associating international mentoring, community activities, research and worldwide dissemination to the creation of a dance films collection about Power, composed with 4 shorts and 1 creative documentary. 

She co-signed with the French filmmaker Anthony Faye “Moving Bodies”, her first creative documentary about young dancers with disabilities engaged in an inclusive creation of Ravel’s Boléro between Mainland France and the Reunion Island.

She has co-produced and promoted no less than 10 dance films so far, including 4 creative documentaries and 6 shorts.


DAN.CIN.LAB is an artistic platform created by STÉLA non-profit  organization, engaged in the creation, production, commissioning and  distribution of projects combining dance and image around societal  issues. DAN.CIN.LAB now gathers 4 activities developed around strong  skills: DAN.CIN.FEST (formerly DESARTS//DESCINES Festival),  
DAN.CIN.PROD.  DAN.CIN.LAB is also co-founder of Studiotrade and the Mediterranean  Screendance Network.  In 2019, DAN.CIN.LAB launches mAPs – migrating Artists Project with 4  European partners [ Coorpi – Italy, Tanzrauschen e.V. – Germany, Malakta  Films – Finland and MØZ – Greece ] for the development of an innovative creation process aiming for a collection of 5 dance films about Power, with the support of the Creative Europe programme.

More information: Dan.Cin.Lab

Corps émouvants

Artistic direction / Conception : Un film de Anna Alexandre et Anthony Faye

Choreography : Eric Languet

Choreography assistance : Adeline Lefièvre

Original music : Jean-Christophe Désert

Other collaborations : Partenariats : Danses en l'R - Compagnie Eric Languet de La Réunion, l'IEM Les Combes de la Grange du Chambon-Feugerolles, l'IMPRO Marie Caze de la Réunion et le Lycée François Mauriac d'Andrézieux- Bouthéon

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Stéla - DAN.CIN.LAB, Nomade productions, TL7 - Télévision Loire 7, YN Productions - La cuisine aux images avec le soutien du CNC - Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée et du Ministère de la Culture - Délégation Générale à la Création Artistique en collaboration avec Danses en l'R - Compagnie Eric Languet de La Réunion, l'IEM Les Combes de la Grange du Chambon-Feugerolles, l'IMPRO Marie Caze de la Réunion et le Lycée François Mauriac d'Andrézieux-Bouthéon

Duration : 52 minutes

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