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Teaser - Groupe et Compagnie Grenade


Teaser - Groupe et Compagnie Grenade


After Kamuyot, taken over by Ohad Naharin in 2019 and Phoenix, created by our company in 2021, it seems important to open the mind and bodies of our dancers to new choreographic ways.

 So I gathered 10 dancers from the company around 4 different proposals:

An extract from the play by Kader Attou, one of the major choreographers of the French hip-hop scene, revisited by the turbulent energy of Grenade.

A highly sophisticated, dynamic and brutal choreographic gem, created by Spanish choreographer Ivàn Pérez, which highlights a military training of young people trying to keep their humanity in an endless cycle of combat and death.

Ubuesque interventions by Claire Laureau and Nicolas Chaigneau bring an absurd and offbeat theatrical universe.

-SIAS A rhythmic proposal by Les Filles de Mnémosyne, a group led by Maxime Bordessoules and Rémy Rodriguez. A crazy fashion show developing towards a more internalized universe, and freely inspired by the symbols of the eponymous myth of Tirésias.

4 visions of today’s dance – 4 ways of thinking about movement, presence, space, rhythm and emotion – 4 ways of giving meaning to a choreographic work.

Josette Baïz

Baïz, Josette

Josette Baïz, who was trained by Odile Duboc, has been teaching contemporary dance since 1978 in Aix-en-Provence, where she created her first choreographies for young dancers who took part in her classes.

In 1982, when she was a dancer for Jean-Claude Gallotta, Josette Baïz won first prize in the 14th edition of the Bagnolet International Choreographic Competition, as well as the public prize and the French Minister for Culture's prize. She went on to found her first company: The Place Blanche, and has since created over 40 works, for her own companies and for an array of national (Toulouse, Jeune Ballet de France of the Lyon Conservatory, etc.) and international ballets (Boston, Royal Ballet of Phnom Penh, Germany, Venezuela, The Netherlands, etc.).

In 1989, the French Minister for Culture invited her for a year as artist in residence for a school in the Northern districts of Marseille. This encounter with young people, from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, led her to reconsider the signification of her work and to radically modify her artistic approach.
The confrontation with proposals as diverse as breakdance, smurf, hip-hop, oriental, gypsy, Indian and African dance, obliged her to totally reappraise the physical and mental skills she had acquired.
She was totally unacquainted with the supports, the way the ground was used, the circular movements of the hips, the sharp strikes of flamenco and the loosened pelvis of African dances.

And so, a process of mutual exchange was initiated: Josette Baïz taught contemporary, classical dance and composition in research workshops; the young dancers taught her their way of asserting their origins and feelings.

It was, therefore, only natural for Josette Baïz to create the Groupe Grenade, which brought together over thirty young dancers, in 1992. In 1998, Josette decided to perpetuate the cross-cultural work undertaken with the Groupe Grenade, whilst continuing to pursue an intensely contemporary perspective. She created the compagnie Grenade which comprised five key dancers from the Groupe Grenade.

Josette Baïz's wish is to continue to enhance this choreographic repertoire by continuing to partner artistically with French and international choreographers; by taking part in cutting-edge and original multidisciplinary projects and, as such, initiating encounters and exchange.

Source : Grenade - Josette Baïz Cie 's website

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Attou, Kader

Kader Attou is a dancer and choreographer from the company Accrorap. Athina, in 1994, marked the beginnings of the company set up with Mourad Merzouki, Eric Mezino and Chaouki Saïd, in Lyon. This show is a success that manages to transpose hip hop dance from the streets to the stage. Alone, he then created Prière pour un fou (1999) to renew the dialogue that the Algerian tragedy made improbable.
Douar (2004), conceived within the framework of the year of Algeria in France, questions the problems of the exile of young people from the districts of France and Algeria. Petites (2008) recounts popular France based on burlesque sketches. In 2008, Kader Attou was appointed director of the National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle, thus becoming the first hip hop choreographer to head an institution. In 2018, he reunited with his early partner, Mourad Merzouki, with whom he created Danser Casa for the Montpellier Danse Festival. In 2019, he resumed a version for the street of The Roots with the dancers of the N.I.D. Epsedanse by Anne-Marie Porras for the Montpellier Dance Festival. Since 2022, he has settled in the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille.

Source: Montpellier danse

Perez, Ivan

Bengel, Julien

Grenade - Josette Baïz

Artistic direction: Josette Baïz

Creation: 1998

Compagnie Grenade was created in 1998 by Josette Baïz, a logical follow-up to the work she began in 1992 with the Groupe Grenade (children and teenagers).  Its dance studios, located in Aix-en-Provence, France, comprise of a dozen professional dancers, most of who come from the Groupe Grenade. 

The dancers, including some who have worked with Josette Baïz for 20 years (and they’re still under 30 today!), have invented, with Josette, the characteristic cultural mix typical to Grenade, each bringing his or her own background – Eastern, Asian, African or urban – and integrating it into the contemporary world of the choreographer. 

Their creations are therefore a perpetual research where the leitmotif is to open ones mode of expression.

The style of Josette Baïz was built by the approach of other choreographers of her generation and American masters such as Nikolaïs and Merce Cunningham, the teaching experience of Odile Duboc and Susan Buirge and artistic collaborations with Jean-Claude Gallotta.

Over the years, the Compagnie Grenade has been further enriched by hosting several dancers from different choreographic horizons

Concurrently, some dancers from the Compagnie Grenade have continued their adventures with other companies (Maguy Marin, Dominique Boivin, Angelin Preljocaj, Compagnie Malka, Abou Lagraa, Carolyn Carlson, Pierre Droulers …), to discover other choreographic styles.

In this spirit, Josette and her dancers continue their research by being constantly open to techniques (contact – improvisation, Limon technique, Graham, Cunningham…), a good reason to regularly invite outside teachers and form artistic collaborations based on encounters and exchange.

Source : Compagnie Grenade 's website

More information :


Artistic direction / Conception : Josette Baïz

Choreography : Kader Attou, Claire Laureau & Nicolas Chaigneau, Iván Pérez, Maxime Bordessoules et Rémy Rodriguez

Interpretation : Maxime Bordessoules, Camille Cortez, Lola Cougard, Sarah Kowalski, Yam Omer, Geoffrey Piberne, Victoria Pignato, Rémy Rodriguez, Océane Rosier, Ojan Sadat Kyaee

Video conception : Julien Bengel

Lights : Erwann Collet

Costumes : Claudine Ginestet

Technical direction : Erwann Collet

Sound : Jérémie Benin

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : PRODUCTION Groupe et Cie Grenade – Josette Baïz. COPRODUCTION Grand Théâtre de Provence – Aix-en-Provence / Les Théâtres Avec le soutien de Klap – Maison pour la Danse

Duration : 1h15

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