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Legiteam Obstruxion, au cœur des battles hip-hop

Crowned French champion of the Battle of the Year in Montpellier in 2007, the hip hop dance group Legiteam Obstruxion is taking off for the world championships in Germany. Last workouts, last finishing touches to the choreographies, constant pressure… this documentary will plunge us into the heart of the battle waged by these nine dancers, accompanied by their manager, to win over the international scene.

Hip hop “battles” or “challenge dances” take place in two steps, in front of an enthusiastic and participative public and a DJ on his podium. The first step is the presentation of a group choreography, a genuine ten-minute show. The selected groups will then confront each other in pairs, in vis-à-vis defiance. Here, each one will demonstrate their technique in an escalation of acrobatic figures. To technically impress one’s opponent is to deal him a fatal blow. Self-taught, hip hop dancers ensure that the group profits from their personal discoveries.

This dance thus calls for great personal creativity but also for excellent group cohesion, not to mention an excellent physical condition – “dancers, artists, athletes”, sums up the narrator. Although Legiteam Obstruxion was finally defeated in the semi-finals by the Korean team, these images pay tribute to the level of commitment, both physical and mental, of its members.

Harek, Nadja

Born in Cluses in Haute-Savoie in 1971, Nadja Harek studied cinema at the University of Montpellier where she produced a memoir on guilt and atonement in the work of Martin Scorsese. She then joined the professional world and worked as a stage manager, camera operator and editor. After producing institutional reports and recording hip hop dance shows, she moved on to directing her own films.

Legiteam Obstruxion

Creation: 2003

The Legiteam Obstruxion (L.O) Crew, comprising around fifteen members, is one of the leading references on the breakdance scene in France and throughout the world. Winners of numerous dance competitions (3 times champions of France and 3rd place in the World Breakdance Championships), the Legiteam Obstruxion Crew members travel the world and represent their discipline through classes, workshops, performances and, of course, through their favourite area of focus, “battles” (dance competitions).

Source: Legiteam Obstruxion 's website

More information

Legiteam Obstruxion, au coeur des battles hip-hop

Artistic direction / Conception : Nadja Harek (réalisation)

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Injam production, Association Attitude, Télessonne, LMTV Sarthe, Grand Ouest Régie Télévisions / Participation : CNC, Acsé, CR Languedoc-Roussillon

Duration : 53'

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