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This video contains violence or nudity


Lapsus” is a miniature enclosed in a ring, two metres in circumference, placed in the centre of the stage. A naked body, that of the choreographer, a light that carves him up into unusual, strange, original sections, from behind or in profile. 

“How honing our perception in the so-called interior or exterior tends to enlarge the notion of limit. The search for a new writing of a third solo attempts to deploy the elusive space of how you perceive the other and questions the issues of the relationship between the presence of the body and the space it occupies. The body is treated in its most complete form, incorporating all sensitive areas and the various levels of sensation. Particular attention is paid to the space around the body’s outline, the relationship with its empty parts, its shadows, the volume surrounding it, the background, the backdrop. The background is not only a container but bears a momentum. It connects with the incidents of the body to become the subject, the present texture.»  

Maria Donata D’Urso 

Remark by Arnold Pasquier: "I met Maria Donata d’Urso while I was dancing for Gérard Gourdot in the early 90s. Our friendship led us to work together regularly on each other’s projects. She asked me to make this recording of her solo, reduced for film purposes." 

D'Urso, Maria Donata

Born in Catania, Maria Donata D'Urso studied architecture and contemporary dance in Rome. She studied at Merce Cunningham Studio and the Nikolais-Murray Louis Dance Company.

Since 1988 she lives in Paris where she follows a training in Chinese energy and works among others with Marco Berrettini, Christian Rizzo, Hubert Colas, Paco Decina, Jean Gaudin, Francesca Lattuada, Arnold Pasquier, Wolf Ka. In 1999, she created Pezzo 0, outdoor installation, inspired by the meeting with Laurent Goldring.

In 2004, she formed the structure, DisOrienta, to develop her personal projects: minimalist solos, where the usual spatial components are interrogated and reinvented. His attention is focused on the limit places, absence / presence, inside / outside and the ambiguous surfaces, those of the skin, those  touched by the look.

She then begins a poetic and composite project, which she calls the Triptych of the skin. After Pezzo 0 (due) will follow Private Collection and its translucent table, Lapsus is its circular scenography. His latest creation Strata.2 extends this enigmatic journey into the world of bodies.

Maria Donata D'Urso is a laureate at Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto, Japan in 2012.

Source : Disorienta's website

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Pasquier, Arnold

Arnold Pasquier was born in Paris in 1968. After studying visual arts and cinema, he made tests in Super 8 and video, in which he developed a world of filmed newspapers and fictions. At the age of twenty, he approaches contemporary dance and collaborates with choreographers as documentarist and dancer. This experience marks the realization of a work where dance holds an important place.
From 1997 to 1999, he was received as a resident artist at the Fresnoy (Tourcoing, France) where he designed the installation "C'est ici que j'avais des baisers" (1997-1999) and produced about twenty short films, four radio design workshops For France Culture and dance performances capturing. In 1999, he presented the show "C'est merveilleux" in the Grande Nef du Fresnoy. He is the author of numerous films (fiction, documentary, video art), staged shows, scenographies, radio broadcasts. His work is articulated at the crossroads of these different disciplines. Winner of a residence Villa Médicis Hors les Murs (outside the wall) in Sao Paulo in 2004, he dances for Julie Desprairies in "La danse en accès accès", "Vue sur la mer" and "Là commence le ciel". He co-signs with her the video-dance installation "Les 3 contents", the result of the residence of the choreographer at the Manufacture de Sèvres (France). 

Source: Website of the Compagnie des prairies  
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Artistic direction / Conception : Maria Donata d’Urso

Choreography : Maria Donata d’Urso

Interpretation : Maria Donata d’Urso

Set design : Maria Donata d’Urso et Jérôme Dupraz

Video conception : Arnold Pasquier

Lights : Caty Olive

Sound : Vincent Epplay

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Arnold Pasquier, disorienta

Duration : 15 minutes (vidéo) / 50 minutes (spectacle)

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