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Citta' d'Acqua

Carolyn Carlson Company 1988 - Director : Nevano, Vittorio

Choreographer(s) : Carlson, Carolyn (France)

Video producer : Rai Due

Citta' d'Acqua

Carolyn Carlson Company 1988 - Director : Nevano, Vittorio

Choreographer(s) : Carlson, Carolyn (France)

Video producer : Rai Due

Città d'acqua

As part of the  show "Mixer", RAI 2, broadcast Danza: a personaggio, una città, series  of five shows dedicated to a dancer and his city.

Carlson, Carolyn

California-born Carolyn Carlson defines herself first and foremost as a nomad. From San Francisco Bay to the University of Utah, from the Alwin Nikolais company in New York to Anne Béranger’s in France, from Paris Opera Ballet to Teatrodanza La Fenice in Venice, from the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris to Helsinki, from Ballet Cullberg to La Cartoucherie in Paris, from the Venice Biennale to Roubaix, Carlson is a tireless traveller, always seeking to develop and share her poetic universe.

She arrived in France in 1971 the beneficiary of Alwin Nikolais’s ideas about movement, composition and teaching. The following year, with Rituel pour un rêve mort, she wrote a poetic manifesto that defined an approach to her work that she has adhered to ever since: dance that is strongly oriented towards philosophy and spirituality. Carlson prefers the term ‘visual poetry’ to ‘choreography’ to describe her work. She creates works that express her poetic thoughts and a form of complete art within which movement occupies a special place. 

For four decades, Carlson has had significant influence and success in many European countries. She played a key role in the birth of French and Italian contemporary dance through the GRTOP (theatre research group) at Paris Opera Ballet and Teatrodanza at La Fenice.

She has created over 100 pieces, a large number of which are landmarks in the history of dance, including Density 21.5, The Year of the Horse, Blue Lady, Steppe, Maa, Signes, Writings on Water and Inanna. In 2006, her work was rewarded with the first ever Golden Lion given to a choreographer by the Venice Biennale.

Nowadays, Carolyn Carlson is director of two organisations: the Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson, an international centre for masterclasses, residencies and creating new works, which she founded in 1999 and the National Choreographic Centre Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais until December 2013, which produces and tours shows all over the world.

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Nevano, Vittorio

Vittorio Nevano was one of the first members of the IDI and the National Association of Film Authors (ANAC). He wrote reviews for movie magazines and was one of the "Circoli del Cinema". As a TV director, he worked for TV7 and directed documentary films, including Dio's fabbrica. Among  his other works are titles such as Aquerò (written by Foschini and  Vittorio Messori and shot in Lourdes and Nevers with Remo Girone and  Franco Branciaroli as Michelangelo and Paul III Farnese), or Il filo  d'Arianna and Il coraggio della dignità (producted by Rai 2).

Source: IMdb

Citta' d'Acqua

Choreography : Carolyn Carlson

Choreography assistance : Paola Calvetti, Vittorio Nevano

Interpretation : Carolyn Carlson, Jorma Uotinen, Michele Abbondanza, Antonella Bertoni, Magada Borrul Pascual, Colette Malye, Peter Morin, Markku Nenonen, Tomeo Vergès

Original music : René Aubry, Joachim Kühn, Gabriel Yared

Video conception : Silvio Baglivo

Costumes : Anne-Marie Page

Other collaborations : Claudio Bellero

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Rai Due

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