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In the 9th edition of the EIVV (Encontre Internacional de Videodansa i Videoperformance) or International Meeting of Videodance and Videoperformance, we have opted for a presentation in the form of an online programme (Théma-exhibition in four chapters), where everyone is free to discover the pieces in any order, and a Collection for EIVV 2022.

This year we have selected 25 screendance works from the 1223 submissions from all over the world. The quantity and quality of screendance production is impressive and vivacious. We include in this exhibition of “Dancing with the camera” works focusing on the dancing body. We have favoured the long format, with two feature films from Nigeria (EDÚNJOBÍ) and Italy (Elegia delle cose perdute). 

Blas Payri, director of EIVV

Screendance feature films

EDÚNJOBÍ is using the daily activities of the people in Nigeria, including cooking and eating, with the dance that emerges from these activities. 

Elegia delle cose perdute takes us to different remote places of the island of Sardinia, to show us the states of marginal characters struggling with unresolved existential problems, using pure dance and the camera that dances with the characters alternating with the daily scenes.

EDÚNJOBÍ (55:10, Nigeria, dir. Qudus Onikeku)

Elegia delle cose perdute (47:51, Italy, dir. Stefano Mazzotta)

The Italian works  Una finestra, La nostra terra, and X Fastidiosa, and the Russian piece Lullaby are all using the natural or urban contexts to integrate the dance and the real life in its context.

In this pieces, a very masterful and creative editing contributes to creating a rhythm and building a choreography.

Lullaby (14:27, Russia, dir. Anna Ushannka) 

Una finestra che respira la città (07:00, Italy, dir. Elisa Lacicerchia)

La Nostra Terra (17:00, Italy, dir. Thomas Born)

X Fastidiosa (01:00, Italy, dir. Tizo All, Marc Philipp Gabriel)

Una finestra che respira la città

A window that breathes the city

Screendance with a message

A link with Ukraine and its dramatic context can be found in Veruytina’s Practice of falling, made in collaboration with artists from Belarus and Ukraine. L'ombre du doute makes also a reference to this dramatic context. 

100m uses a single shot that choreographs the camera, body and lights in the claustrophobic space of a hallway

Practice of falling (08:51, Russia-Ukraine-Belarus, dir. Dina Veruytina)

L'ombre du doute (03:13, France, dir. Feike Santbergen, Sanne Kortooms)

100m (05:43, Poland, dir. Monika Szpunar)

The body dances with the camera

It’s not just a disco, Ritmo and Reorienting the fall explore the relations of dance, camera movement, music and editing, using spaces that can be out of line with the action of pure dance.

It's not just a disco under the coconut trees. It's an initiation (04:27, Greece, dir. Anastasia Diga) 

Ritmo (03:17, France, dir. Maxime MICHEL)

Reorienting the Fall (05:00, Netherlands, dir. Christopher Tym)

It's not just a disco under the coconut trees. It's an initiation

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