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Celui qui aime a raison [extrait 1]

Celui qui aime a raison [extrait 1]

Celui qui aime a raison

Celui qui aime a raison” (2005) is a medium-length fiction film by Arnold Pasquier. It was shot in various locations, namely São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre in Brazil, and Buenos Aires in Argentina. It was produced as part of a Villa Médicis Hors les murs residency.  

"Marcos and Osmar live together. Marcos meets Walmir, falls in love with him, and presents him to Osmar. The three men live together, happily. But Walmir mysteriously disappears. His absence drives both men into the city where each, in his own manner, pursues the vanished lover. Marcos provokes experiences to remember him, while Osmar sets off to look for him. He travels to São Paulo, Brazil, Uruguay and finally Argentina, where his journey ends on the banks of a river".  

Remark by Arnold Pasquier in 2019 :  

"”Celui qui aime a raison” is a film that follows in the footsteps of my previous films, combining choreographic presence and landscapes. What the characters are unable to say (love, desire), they prefer to dance or to sing it. I wanted to show the continuity between the world and the gesture, an occasion for fictions between the body and its environment. I travelled through the city of São Paulo, contemplated its unique urban planning, met with “Paulistas” and, inspired by my contact with them, wrote the scenario of the film. Accompanied by two dancers and an actor, we told the tale of a couple overwhelmed by their encounter with a third person in which the city plays — from São Paulo to Buenos Aires — a role as a revealer. “Celui qui aime a raison“ was produced with the backing of the Association Française d’Action Artistique, as part of the « Villa Médicis Hors-les-murs“ programme. 

Pasquier, Arnold

Arnold Pasquier was born in Paris in 1968. After studying visual arts and cinema, he made tests in Super 8 and video, in which he developed a world of filmed newspapers and fictions. At the age of twenty, he approaches contemporary dance and collaborates with choreographers as documentarist and dancer. This experience marks the realization of a work where dance holds an important place.
From 1997 to 1999, he was received as a resident artist at the Fresnoy (Tourcoing, France) where he designed the installation "C'est ici que j'avais des baisers" (1997-1999) and produced about twenty short films, four radio design workshops For France Culture and dance performances capturing. In 1999, he presented the show "C'est merveilleux" in the Grande Nef du Fresnoy. He is the author of numerous films (fiction, documentary, video art), staged shows, scenographies, radio broadcasts. His work is articulated at the crossroads of these different disciplines. Winner of a residence Villa Médicis Hors les Murs (outside the wall) in Sao Paulo in 2004, he dances for Julie Desprairies in "La danse en accès accès", "Vue sur la mer" and "Là commence le ciel". He co-signs with her the video-dance installation "Les 3 contents", the result of the residence of the choreographer at the Manufacture de Sèvres (France). 

Source: Website of the Compagnie des prairies  
More information 

Celui qui aime a raison

Artistic direction / Conception : Arnold Pasquier

Interpretation : Marcos Gallon, Osmar Zampieri, Walmir Pavam, Danilo Rabelo, Diogo Granato, Fabio Cypriano

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Arnold Pasquier

Duration : 66 minutes

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