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Vue sur les marches - Bertrand Bossard

Vue sur les marches - Bertrand Bossard

Vue sur les marches

Bossard, Bertrand

Author, director and actor: Bertrand Bossard was also an associate artist of the CENTQUATRE in 2011-2012. 

Before going on to create his own B. Initials company in 1999, he has worked with a variety of directors: Frédéric Fisbach, Stanislas Nordey, Jean-Yves Ruf and Jean-Pierre Vincent. This jack of all trades has also directed for the cinema with, for example, the short film “Hors course”, has written a scenario for a full-length film “Avenue Gagarine”, which he also intends to direct. This actor has also revealed other strings to his bow, on the other side of the Channel: author and comedian. And, it was in Shakespeare’s language that he chose to write, play and direct Incredibly Incroyable, his first one-man-show, reproduced at the CENTQUATRE between February and May 2011.

Today, Bertrand Bossard is touring France with his Incredibly Incroyable and has just created "Ricky Pompom", a show for young audiences, in Martigues, which will soon be performed at the Théâtre National de Chaillot. He has also just created “Les visites déguidées” at the 104, where he proposes a groundbreaking way of visiting places that will definitely surprise. Not historic, not diplomatic, they will “unguide” you.

Source: Bertrand Bossard 's website

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