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In the 16 minute movie entitled Novaciéries, (LA)HORDE sets up a contemplative situation staging and

reinterpreting Jumpstyle, a dance emerged from Mainstream Hardcore, to deliver a mysterious report on

the development of a post-internet dance. The film is a global project mixing cinematographic images shot by

a movie crew but also performance captations with the cast of the film and homemade videos made by the

interpreters themselves shared on youtube and other platforms. The camera follows a singer and dancers

wander in an abandoned steel mill. The dancers respond to the lost beat of machinery by executing Hard Jump

and Hakken figures while the singer turns a Hardcore anthem «Hardcore to the bone» into a lyrical lament.

We are invited to follow the wander of the interpreters until they get together to deliver a show without an

audience. All along we waver between the idealized vision of their representation and the reality of its visibility.

Novaciéries is a combination of cinema, performance, and home video that transcends dance films and presents

a choreographed and metaphysical portrait of the post-industrial world by reinterpreting post-internet dance.

Signoret, Céline

Celine Signoret is a choreographer, stage director and perfomer. As a protean artist, she nurtures a transversal identity by participating in collaborative projects at the crossroads of live show and performative art. Trained to the piano, contortion and then dance, she worked for a while with various choreographers awakening her interest in research on different methods of choreographic composition. She next co-founded and co-directs (LA)HORDE collective until 2015, within she co-signs choreographic works as Void Island, Avant les gens mouraient and the film Novaciéries. Nowadays, she continues to work alongside them as an artistic collaborator, notably on projects with the Ballet National de Marseille. The [TSO]TAM team, which she co-directs since 2013, allows her to go even further in her work of expression in all its diversity, including music, acting and improvisation. At the same time, she cultivates original forms of artistic performance, among others in video production or digital arts such as with EIGENGRAU, a futuristic tale that she co-conceives in the eqko collective. Since 2016, she brings together her own experimental ideas as PRYZMA.

Source: Céline Signoret

More information:

(LA)HORDE - Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel

(LA)HORDE is a collective that was founded in 2013 by the three artists Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel.
Together they question codes of various artistic disciplines, especially contemporary live art and performing arts. 
At  the head of the Ballet National de Marseille since September 2019, they  have created choreographic works, films, video installations and  performances, that always evolve around the body in movement.
From  the interaction and the juxtaposition of these different media, they  develop scenarios and actions that take up radically contemporary themes  and questions. 

(LA)HORDE collaborates with communities of individuals on  the margins of the mainstream, and part of their art is also the  practice of practical solidarity. They have worked with groups of  seventy-year-olds, blind performers, smokers, juveniles... Contrary to  any form of hierarchy and cultural appropriation, they work at eye level  with the performers. (…) At the centre of their work is the body.  (LA)HORDE create works from their encounters with various online  communities and thus also investigate what has happened to dance since  the advent of the Internet. This is a theme that (LA)HORDE is very  passionate about and so they define their work as work on “post-Internet  dance".
Claire Diez (dance specialist, cultural journalist)

Générique Novaciéries

Artistic direction / Conception : Céline Signoret & (LA)HORDE - Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel

Interpretation : Valentin Basset, Rodolphe Berger, Eve Coquar, Garance Coquart, Ylva Falk, Hugo Hermanvillier, Kevin Martinelli, Théo Michallet, Edgar Scassa, Loïc Vinciguerra, Nadir Zarougui

Other collaborations : Cinematographer : Kaname Onoyama First assistant camera : Maëlle Lavillauriex Steadicam Operator : Guillaume Quilichini Firt assistant director : Flore Silly Gaffer : Hugo Paturel Best boy : Adrien Anquetil Sound mixer : Baptiste Marie Sound : Richard Frances, Maxime Daoud, Adrien Daoud Opera singer : Eve Coquar Editing : Edouard Mailaender Costume Designer : Lily Sato Unit Manager : Arnaud Gaujon

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Cité Du Design, Biennale Internationale du Design de Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne Métropole, Commune de Saint-Chamond, (LA)HORDE.

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