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Lois Greenfield, portrait d'une photographe de danse

Lois Greenfield, portrait d'une photographe de danse

Lois Greenfield, portrait d'une photographe de danse

Her dance photographs are internationally known and immediately recognisable by their square format. Loïs Greenfield delimits the dance space to better seize the uplift and weightlessness that every dancer masters every day. Better than a portrait, Sylvie Fleurot’s film offers a demonstration of the photographer at work.

Loïs Greenfield’s project: "free the dancer from gravity and oppose to the latter the material of air". Her photographs eliminate the notion of top and bottom to seize the danced movement in its most ephemeral form: its crossing of space. This search is at odds with the situation of representation and requires studio work that is strongly akin to staging, even though the movements interpreted come from a performance. Four dancers and/or choreographers played along here: Mark Tompkins, Stéphanie Aubin, Emmanuelle Huynh and Didier Silhol. The camera filmed their work and juxtaposed the photographer’s shots, accurately highlighting the ephemeral nature of the movement and its capture in the photographic frame.

Source : Fabienne Arvers

Lois Greenfield, portrait d'une photographe de danse

Interpretation : Mark Tompkins (modèle)

Other collaborations : Lois Greenfield (photographe)

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