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The line is a dot

Maison de la danse 2023 - Directors : Plasson, Fabien - Belanger, Juliette

Choreographer(s) : Dorvillier, DD (France)

Present in collection(s): Maison de la danse

Video producer : Maison de la danse

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The line is a dot

Maison de la danse 2023 - Directors : Plasson, Fabien - Belanger, Juliette

Choreographer(s) : Dorvillier, DD (France)

Present in collection(s): Maison de la danse

Video producer : Maison de la danse

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The line is a dot

 Using the Animated Graphic Scores process designed with Sébastien Roux, the dancers activate the projected score in real time, on a screen visible only to them. Their roles are drawn at random before each performance. Three sets of materials constituting three parts: the song, the horizontals and the large painting. 

Source: Maison de la danse

Dorvillier, DD


DD  Dorvillier was born on flag Day, June 14, 1967 in San Juan Puerto Rico.  She received a BA in Dance in 1989 from Bennington College in Vermont.  Creating performances exclusively in and for New York City since 1989,  Dorvillier began developing her works in other places starting around  2004, settling in France in 2010. Her work with her company human future  dance corps has been shown in New York at The Kitchen, New York Live  Arts, Danspace Project, and Performance Space 122,  among others, and in  Festivals and theaters internationally in places such as Kaai Theater  (Brussels, Belgium), STUK (Leuven, Belgium), deSingel (Antwerp,  Belgium), Les Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de  Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris, France), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris,  France), Salmon/Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona,  Spain), ImpPulsTanz (Vienna, Austria), Tseh Festival (Moscow, Russia),  Hau/Hebel am Ufer (Berlin, Germany),  Melkweg (Amsterdam, The  Netherlands), and  Tokyo Dance Biennale (Tokyo, Japan), among others.

In  1991 she and choreographer Jennifer Monson created the Matzoh Factory.  For over a decade the studio was a grassroots site for wild  experimentation where choreographers and artists congregated for  low-tech/low-cost shows, rehearsals, parties, and readings. Over a dozen  of Dorvillier's early works were created at The Matzoh Factory from  1991 to 2003. These are the pieces that make up the content of A catalogue of steps (2013 and ongoing).

No Change or “freedom is a psycho-kinetic skill”  (2005) commissioned by Danspace Project, marks an important turning  point in Dorvillier's artistic trajectory and working methods, and  became a reference for her following works. It was reprised at St.  Mark's Church in the context of Danspace Project's “certain  difficulties, certain joy” Platform 2010 curated by Trajal Harrell.

Nottthing Is Importanttt (2007)  commissioned by The Kitchen, was included in both the New York Times  and TimeOut New York’s best of 2007 dance features. A frequent  collaborator, Lighting Designer Thomas Dunn received a Bessie for his  work on this project. Nottthing Is Importanttt was  the beginning of an important collaborative relationship with composer  Zeena Parkins, with whom Dorvillier has created many subsequent works,  along with Thomas Dunn such as Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready! (2009) commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop; Danza Permanente  (2012) co-commissioned by Stuk, Rencontres chorégraphiques  internationales de Seine Saint-Denis, and The Kitchen (as part of FIAF's  Crossing the Line Festival); and Diary of an Image (2014) commissioned by Danspace Project, MANCC, LMCC, and Atelier de Paris/Carolyn Carlson.

Danspace Project Platform 2014: Diary of an Image by DD Dorvillier was  an eponymous four-week series of events which sought to examine  definitions of dance presentation and artist and institutional  collaboration, and opened up possibilities for new ways of thinking  histories together. Curated by Dorvillier in collaboration with writer  and scholar Jenn Joy, the platform included a series of Solo Events  with performances by artists who have impacted Dorvillier's work and  history as well as two new works by Dorvillier and collaborators: A catalogue of steps (2013) commissioned by Entre cour et jardin, LMCC, Danspace Project, MANCC, Atelier de Paris/Carolyn Carlson, and Diary of an Image.

In 2014 she initiated a new collaboration with composer Sébastien Roux, and with Thomas Dunn. Extra Shapes (2015)  commissioned by EMPAC is a Creative Capital project and toured to EMPAC  (Troy, NY), Playground Festival (Stuk, Leuven), The Kitchen (New York  City), Festival Les Musiques (GMEM, Marseille), and June Events (Atelier  de Paris/Carolyn Carlson).

In May 2017 DD Dorvillier and Sébastien Roux presented Only One of Many which  premiered at CCN Ballet de Marseille in the frame of Festival Les  Musiques. The work is also presented at BUDA Art Center/Festival  Latitudes Contemporaines, Spider Festival Ljubljana, The Pompidou Center  Paris, and KAAI Theater Brussels. In that same year with the author and illustrator Catherine Meurisse, she created and presented Vois-tu celle-là qui s’enfuit for the Festival Concordanse in Paris, and then in Florence and Naples, Italy, and Kyoto, Japan. 

She was involved in several international collaborations: Anarchive #2: Secondhand (Kaai Studios/Brussels) with the German choreographic duo Deuffert/Plishke. Piece Sans Paroles (Brut/Vienna) with the Austrian choreographer Anne Juren and American theater director Annie Dorsen, and The Blanket Dance  (Frascati Theater/Amsterdam) with choreographers Jefta Van Dinther and  Frédéric Gies. With longtime collaborator Jennifer Monson she continues  to tour and perform RMW(a) & RMW (Movement Research 1993 & Performance Space 122, 2004). In 2007 she created Half A Train, a collaborative photo installation with Belgian photographer David Berge, and in 2008 she performed in Jennifer Lacey's Les Assistantes. In 2014 she was part of In Tow, a research and performance project conceived by Jennifer Monson.

Dorvillier received two New York Dance and Performance Awards (Bessies); one in 2003 for Choreography of Dressed for Floating (Danspace Project, 2002) and one for her performance in Parades & Changes, replays (New York Live Arts, 2010), a re-staging of Anna Halprin’s seminal work Parades & Changes  (1965), initiated by French choreographer Anne Collod in collaboration  with Anna Halprin. This production toured to over thirty different  venues worldwide. 

Dorvillier  has been a Movement Research Artist in Residence (‘95/’96, ’07/’08). In  1999 & 2000 she was guest co-editor with Sarah Michelson and Trajal  Harrell of Movement Research’s Performance Journal, the “Release”  double issue, and was curator of the Movement Research Festival in 2004  and 2005. From 1996 to 2004 she curated HOTHOUSE, an infamous  improvisational performance series at Performance Space 122 in New York.

She  is a  recipient of a NYFA Choreography Fellowship (2000), a Foundation  for Contemporary Arts Award (2007), a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial  Foundation Fellowship (2011), and the Doris Duke Performing Artist Award  (2013).

From  September 2017 to September 2019, DD Dorvillier is Associated  artist-researcher at the ex.e.r.c.e Master in Choreography Program at  the International Choreographic Institute (ICI - CCN Montpellier) headed  by French choreographer Christian Rizzo.

In 2019-2022 she is Associated artist at Le Dancing CDCN Dijon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

In  2020 DD Dorvillier and composer Sébastien Roux inaugurated La  Corvette, a new grassroots space for research and experimentation in  dance and music, in rural Burgundy, France.

Source: Human Future Dance Corps

Plasson, Fabien

Born in 1977, Fabien Plasson is a video director specialized in the field of performing arts (dance , music, etc).

During his studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (joined in 1995) Fabien discovered video art. He was trained by various video artists (Joel Bartoloméo Pascal Nottoli , Eric Duyckaerts , etc).
He first experimented with the creation of installations and cinematic objects.

From 2001 to 2011, he was in charge of Ginger & Fred video Bar’s programming at La Maison de la Danse in Lyon. He discovered the choreographic field and the importance of this medium in the dissemination, mediation and pedagogical approach to dance alongside Charles Picq, who was a brilliant video director and the director of the video department at that time.

Today, Fabien Plasson is the video director at La Maison de la Danse and in charge of the video section of, an online international  video library, and continues his creative activities, making videos of concerts, performances and also creating video sets for live performances.

Sources: Maison de la Danse ; Fabien Plasson website

More information:

Belanger, Juliette

Juliette Belanger is a director and editor, mainly in the field of live performance (theater, dance, music, etc.).

It was during her first years of study in Métiers des Arts et de la Culture, which she began in Lille in 2018 and finished in Paris in 2021, that Juliette developed her skills and taste for images and video creation. 

She soon became intrigued by the world of live performance, and her first professional experiences began in 2019. Between theater festivals, companies and other production associations, she discovers and defends the stakes of video for the dissemination of live performance. She completed her university studies in 2022, taking the Licence Professionnelle Techniques et Pratiques Artistiques du montage at Lyon II.  

She discovered the world of dance in 2023, working with Fabien Plasson, video director at the Pôle Image de la Maison de la Danse. 

Today, she produces and edits video footage of theater and dance performances for various festivals, companies and cultural events, while continuing to create various video content around the performing arts (reports on creations, artist portraits, etc.).


Creation: 1985

Each season, the student dancers of the Jeune (Junior) Ballet du CNSMD of Lyon explore different territories of choreographic art, working with a new generation of emerging and renowned choreographers, nourished by a hybrid practices, communities and dance styles.

From Neo-classical to House, Jumpstyle to Post-modern, DanceHall to Afrofunk, Contemporary to Performance Art…

On the cusp of their professional lives, final year students in classical and contemporary dance studies at the prestigious Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance Lyon, join the Jeune Ballet for a bona-fide creation and dance company tour experience. Performing in France and internationally, on stage, in museums, public spaces, urban settings, forests, under the open sky… where ever dance can exist.

Source: CNSMD Lyon

More information:


The line is a dot

Choreography : DD Dorvillier

Choreography assistance : France Cartigny

Interpretation : Jeune Ballet du CNSMD Lyon

Text : Partitions Graphiques Animées de Sébastien Roux

Original music : Sébastien Roux

Costumes : Maïté Chantrel

Other collaborations : Baptiste Chatel (Développement informatique)

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Maison de la danse - Fabien Plasson, Juliette Belanger, 2023

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