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There's a blue bird in my heart

Création 2022 - teaser

There's a blue bird in my heart

Création 2022 - teaser

There's a blue bird in my heart

Création 2022

Commissioned for the Lyon Opera Ballet 


At the invitation of the Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon, Yuval Pick returns to the place where he was a dancer from 1999 to 2001. Yuval Pick is the choreographer and director of the CCN de Rillieux. He has developed a unique language of movement; through the memory of bodies, the invention of forms, and the experience of space, the choreographer touches on the essence of his art: emotion.

In this new piece Yuval Pick summons the emotions of the performers and audience, giving rise to a “body of the heart”, as one might call a corps de ballet, and rediscovering the “flesh of the world”. He seeks to unveil the multiple layers that constitute a corps or body, and to experience those of the space that is constructed and reconstructed from these elements.

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Ellis, Andrew

CCNR - Centre chorégraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape

Upon his arrival to the National Choreographic Center Yuval Pick founded a new dance company and developed a rich repertory of works marked by their elaborated movement vocabulary, accompanied by worldly named composers.  In 2012, No play hero, with the music of David Lang and Folks for the Biennale of Dance in Lyon. Then, two creations in 2014, the duet loom with the music of Nico Muhly and Ply piece for five dancers with the American composer Ashley Fure. In 2015, he creates Eddies for four dancers with a dialogue between medieval and electronic music and then Are friends electric? for six dancers inspired by the music of Kraftwerk.In 2016, Yuval Pick was commissioned to create a site-specific project for the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, In France. This project, Hydra, is presented since all over the world in museums, historical monuments and festivals.In January 2018, he creates Acta est fabula in Chaillot – Théâtre National de la Danse, and a year later, he creates a new version for young audience: Lil’Acta. In January 2020, he will present his new creation, In D minor for nine dancers, in St-Nazaire’s national theater, and will create a piece for the Lyon’s Opera ballet in April 2020.

“My choreographic research is guided by the idea that each human-being has innate knowledge that dance has the power to unveil.” Yuval Pick  


There's a blue bird in my heart

Choreography : Yuval Pick

Choreography assistance : Sharon Eskenaki

Interpretation : Katrien De Bakker, Edi Blloshmi, Kristina Bentz, Jacqueline Bâby, Tyler Galster, Maeva Lassere, Albert Nikolli, Giacomo Luci

Set design : Bénédicte Jolys

Lights : Sébastien Lefèvre

Costumes : Paul Andriamanana

Sound : Max Bruckert

Other collaborations : Amandine Roque de la Cruz

Duration : 25 min

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