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Moment or space that corresponds to the end or the beginning of something. Or the nearly.  Or the memory of a path. That has no end. It is from an unknown device that we start an abstract trail, that takes us to the most concrete of life – the beginning of everything.
The beginning of each course – four – in a memory of some what’s threshold.
Each course depends on one another, they are pairs but different among themselves. They give way to a story that starts and finishes right there – an imaginary line remains.
Who sees it, wanted to look.



Artistic Direction: Ana Rita Barata & Pedro Sena Nunes
Coreography: Ana Rita Barata
Film Director: Pedro Sena Nunes
Performers: Bernardo Gama, & Joana Gomes, & Luís Oliveira & Sofia Soromenho
Recording and Video Post-Production: Pedro Sena Nunes & João Duarte
FRAGILE European Project


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Barata, Ana Rita

Ana Rita Barata / Vo’Arte’s Artistic Director & CiM’s choreographer

Born in Paris in 1972, Ana Rita Barata studied classic and modern dance at Escola Superior de Dança – Conservatório Nacional (Lisbon, Portugal) and at European Dance Development Centre, in Arnhem (The Netherlands). Some of the choreographers she worked with,are: Paulo Ribeiro, Yoshiko Chuma, Carolyn Carlson, Wim Vandekeybus, Benoit La Chambre, Steve Paxton, Samuel Louwick/Alain Platel… Since 1994 she has developed transdisciplinary performances with Pedro Sena Nunes, involving communities with special needs. She works as Artistic Director of Vo’Arte since 1997. She is the co-creator of CiM – Multidisciplinary Integrated Company. Ana Rita Barata is the Portuguese choreographer for « Fragile ».

Source: Fragile Dance

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Sena Nunes, Pedro

He was born in Lisbon in 1968. He finished his Cinema degree, in 1992, at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. He Co-founded the Portuguese Companhia de Teatro Meridional. Held numerous documentaries, fictions and experimental studies in cinema and video and produced more than 100 advertising spots for television and radio. He was awarded several prizes.
Traveler and four times father, Director, producer, Photographer, teacher and artistic consultant, Pedro, currently works as Vo'Arte Artistic Director, where co-schedule various dance and video festivals.
In the last 20 years he devoted himself intensely to the pedagogical area, managing laboratories dedicated to creation and experimentation, for documental or fictional genders. Currently he teaches Documental Cinema Master, at ESMAE, in Oporto, and in Lisbon, he teaches cinema direction and experimental narratives achievement and transdisciplinary areas. He is creative director and pedagogical coordinator of ETIC and coordinator of Videodance  Post-graduation in ESTAL. He has PhD. in Arts (performing arts and moving image).

Source: Vimeo

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