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CN D - Centre national de la danse 2006 - Director : Sevaux, Nicolas

Choreographer(s) : Haleb, Christophe (France)

Video producer : La Zouze


CN D - Centre national de la danse 2006 - Director : Sevaux, Nicolas

Choreographer(s) : Haleb, Christophe (France)

Video producer : La Zouze


A partir de matériaux de RÉSIDENCE SECONDAIRE, Christophe Haleb poursuit son questionnement sur l'usage des lieux, l'espace et ses modes de consommation, le rapport entre fiction et réel, entre voir et être vu dans une étrange proximité.

L'équipée expose aux passants un style de vie en plein air plus ou moins bien campé, où le corps-objet se joue du décor intérieur, où la représentation du standing devient source d'évasion.

Si aux débuts du XXème siècle il s'agissait de produire une image rassurante de l'homme exotique à travers le dispositif du zoo, aujourd'hui, à travers l'habitat-décor publicitaire, il s'agit de domestiquer nos vies.

Source : site internet de la Cie La Zouze

Plus d'informations : La Zouze

Dernière mise à jour : juillet 2014

Haleb, Christophe

Christophe Haleb began studying classical dance in 1970 aged 6, at the Conservatoire de Vincennes. In 1979 he tried out the work and communal lifestyle of the Physical Dance Theatre - Theatre in Transition, an artists' collective, directed by actor and producer Richard Thomas Cianci, in Avignon.

Up until 1982 he took part in workshops with Twyla Tharp in Châteauvallon, Odile Duboc in Aix-en-Provence, Peter Goss and Dominique Bagouet in Montpellier. In Marseilles he took up classical dance training again with Isabelle and Gérard Thaillade (Roland Petit). During his first period of study in New York in the summer of 1982, he was awarded a bursary to study at the Lester Horton Studio with Milton Myers. He also took lessons with Christopher Pilafian - Jennifer Muller Company, Douglas Wassel of the American Ballet, Patricia Soriero (Steps Studio) and Ann Reinking (Bob Foss).  He discovered modern dance through the St Mark's Church workshops. On his return to Marseilles, he followed the teaching of Michelle Mottet (Maurice Béjart). With Anne Koren and Lisa Nelson, he experimented with work on perception and movement. The practice of the Feldenkrais Method and Body-Mind Centering ® as well as sessions of contact dance improvisation with Gilles Musard, Mark Tompkins and Steve Paxton, nourished his relationship with movement. From 1983 onwards, he was a performer for Rui Horta, Anne Dreyfus, Andy Degroat, Angelin Preljocaj, Daniel Larrieu and François Verret, before founding his own company La Zouze in 1993.

Among his recent works: Shoe in modern time and De-camping (Dé-camper), in situ creations in the display windows of the Printemps de la Mode shop in Paris (2006), the solo Yes, Yes, Yes written for Isabelle Boutrois (2004), Strata and Spheres (Strates et Sphères) at the Théâtre National de Chaillot (2003), Idyllique, produced at the Théâtre de la Ville – Les Abbesses (2001)... In 2008-2009 he worked on Evelyne House of Shame, a project of soirées based on the concept of the salon and art cabaret which invite the audience to get involved and to temporarily take over architectural heritage sites in Marseilles, and Marseilles Diversions (Déviations Marseillaises), a chronical of relationships across the city of Marseilles.

Alongside the creation of his shows, the company also orients its work towards the crossover of disciplines and runs various projects in collaboration with actors, singers, musicians (electronic music), plastic artists, film and video producers, photographers, architects and sociologists. For him, the field of choreography extends beyond that of dance.

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Updating: November 2010

Sevaux, Nicolas

La Zouze

A cross-disciplinary career

For 20 years, LA ZOUZE - Christophe Haleb Cie has been upholding its  choreographic writing process and artistic creativity within the  contemporary dance field. Based in MARSEILLES and on research work  covering other artforms, this process is open to interdisciplinarity and  team dynamics.

LA ZOUZE is a sensitive production area, a set  of artistic practices which question the notions of "movement" and  "language" in all their meanings, thus dealing with different kinds of  issues, such as space, body and mind as well as artistic interventions,  in relation to different persons and audiences. An approach which puts  the issues at stake into contact with reality, emotions, love, etc.

 LA ZOUZE's aesthetic, theoretical or political approach of dance  concretely activates an experimentation field, where each artist can  become involved in a singular way and play with one another. Thus arise  the issues of space installation, presence of and in space, well-being,  work, destiny, time appropriation, relation to oneself and others,  communication... This approach strives to build a singular and  collective imaginary world, inscribed in reality and the combination of  elements deriving from of our urban, popular, choreographic, erotic,  physical and philosophical culture, as a way of transcending one's  social condition.

Several connecting styles and levels,  formats, genres and representations can be brought into play. A  roundtrip between the stage and "off site", which is part of the ongoing  reflection and artistic activity of LA ZOUZE.
…This is the first  year for the funding agreement with the Ministère de la Culture et de la  Communication - DRAC Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. La Zouze – Christophe  Haleb Cie is also subsidized by the Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte  d'Azur, the Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône and the city of  MARSEILLES.


Artistic direction / Conception : Christophe Haleb

Interpretation : Séverine Bauvais, Jules Beckman, Christophe Le Blay, Katia Medici, Arnaud Saury

Original music : Alexandre Maillard

Other collaborations : Stylisme Julien Spini - Photographie Cyrille Weiner - Montage Nicolas Sevaux

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