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Alice in Wonder

Alice in Wonder is an animated film, with dialogues by Lewis Carroll and Louise Lecavalier, in line with the technical inventions made during the creation of Is You Me in 2008 with Benoî Lachambre and Louise Lecavalier. In Is You Me, the piece is based on a very particular technique of decor drawn with a graphic palette and projected live on a stage consisting of an architecture of 6 screens. The image occupies the entire stage and the dancers move between the screens, literally in the image.
The costume and the writing of the movement transform them into drawings. As the only light is that of the projector, the two planes of reality, the bodies and the drawings, merge in the same light and the same perspective. It is also a matter of emphasizing the gesture of drawing rather than the result of the constituted drawing. Thanks to this technique, not only do the dancers become drawings, but the drawing begins to dance. With Alice In Wonder, Laurent Goldring wishes to transform this way of choreograph where drawing is a full partner of dance, into a technique for creating animated films. Alice in Wonderland is a premonitory text on today's body transformations and multiple identities...

Lecavalier, Louise

Louise Lecavalier joined La La La Human Steps in 1981 for the production of Oranges, and wore the company's colors until 1999.

She danced in The Process of Becoming's Angel (1983), Human Sex (1985), New Demons (1987), Infante (1991), and finally, 2 (1995) and Exaucé / Salt (1998), where she reaches a rare maturity as an interpreter. Charismatic figure of La La La Human Steps for 18 years, Louise Lecavalier has been the face of an era, embodying an extreme and spectacular dance that will upset audiences everywhere. It will be said that she is "the most brilliant and tragic dancer of our time" (Melody Maker, London). "The signature of La La La Human Steps. Often imitated, never equaled. She remains the figure of the untamed, the platinum mop in revolt, refusing the shackles. For her, dance is shared. "(The World, Paris).

The symbiosis that has existed between her and Édouard Lock testifies to an exceptional artistic adventure in the world of contemporary dance. United in an intense search for movement, they have developed together and refined a complex and highly energetic choreographic language.

Louise Lecavalier also participated in the major collaborations of La La Human Steps: duet with David Bowie, choreographed by Édouard Lock, for a benefit concert for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, which will be also presented as part of the show Wrap Around the World, designed by Nam June Paik and broadcast simultaneously in several countries; duet with Carole Laure for the music video Dance before falling in 1989; guest artist, with Donald Weikert, for the highlights of Bowie's 1990 Sound and Vision World Tour; concert Frank Zappa's The Yellow Shark and the Modern Ensemble of Germany in Frankfurt, Berlin and Vienna in 1992; participation with Édouard Lock in documentary Inspirations by British director Michael Apted, bringing together, on the theme of creation, the painter Roy Lichtenstein, the singer David Bowie and the architect Tadao Ando, ​​among others; and finally, parallel to her career as a dancer, role in the movie Strange Days, directed in Los Angeles by Kathryn Bigelow in 1994.

In May 1999, Louise Lecavalier ended her successful collaboration with Édouard Lock.

In March 2003, she returned to the Reclusive Conclusions and Other Duets evening at the National Arts Center in Ottawa, a three-part program that also featured dancer Margie Gillis and dancer, Tedd Robinson, and Mako Kawano. Robinson creates for her and him the duo Lula and the Sailor, finely chiseled, on the live music of saxophonist Yannick Rieu, later integrated in the play Cobalt rouge.

In 2006, Louise Lecavalier created the solo "I" Is Memory, choreographed for her by Benoît Lachambre, and solo Lone Epic with Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite. These two solos, as well as the Lula and the Sailor duo, form a complete program that has been presented 80 times, from 2006 to 2009, in Europe, North America and Japan.

The duo Is You Me, a new collaboration between Louise Lecavalier and Benoît Lachambre, was created in the spring of 2008 at the Transamériques Festival in Montreal and was the subject of 54 performances until the summer of 2011. From 2009 to 2013, Louise Lecavalier touring the double duet program of Children, designed by British choreographer Nigel Charnock, and A Few Minutes of Lock, three former Edward Lock duets revisited. In 2011-2012, Louise Lecavalier designed So Blue, her first full-fledged choreography, an intensely personal, different and innovative work, premiered in December 2012 at tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf, followed in 2016 by A Thousand Battles. Like So Blue, One Thousand Battles has a wide international spread. In February-March 2018, she created and performed a dance section in Les Marguerit (e) s, directed by Denis Marleau and Stéphanie Jasmin, presented at Espace GO in Montreal.

Source: Louise Lecavalier

More information:

Goldring, Laurent

Alice in wonder

Artistic direction / Conception : Laurent Goldring

Artistic direction assistance / Conception : Anne-Marie Coste

Interpretation : Louise Lecavalier

Video conception : Montage : Yann Bellet, Anne-Marie Coste

Sound : Voix : Jonathan Capdevielle

Other collaborations : Assistant : Jacques Hoepffner ; Second assistant : Thé Audoire

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Avec le soutien de la DGCA, du Centre Pompidou (Paris), et du service culturel du Consulat général de France à Québec.

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