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Following the creation of "Acta est fabula" at the Théâtre National de la Danse de Chaillot in 2018, Yuval Pick immediately felt the impact it would have on youth, through its wacky appearance and the freedom it exudes. He then decided to create a shorter version dedicated to young audiences. With his five dancers, he creates a piece on the theme of unison: A manifesto of body, movement and voice, thus giving birth to a new hymn that brings us together. The sound creation, bouncing between popular songs, snippets of sound and group movements, draw a rhythmic and colorful piece. With "Lil'Acta", Yuval Pick takes us into an exhilarating choreographic universe, mixing humor, expressiveness and a touch of madness to create a common fable.


Lil'Acta (2019) — captation intégrale


 « For this piece, with the five dancers of my company, I want to create something that unites us, in a given space, on our scale, based on each person's singularities. »

Yuval Pick

The haka is originally a sung dance, a ritual practiced during conflicts, demonstrations, protests, ceremonies or friendly competitions to impress the opponents. The Māori have made it world famous through New Zealand's rugby union team, the All Blacks, who perform it before their matches. Many moments in "Lil'Acta" refer to these rituals. Learn a haka recipe with three dancers from Yuval Pick!

La recette du Haka

2021 - Director : Plasson, Fabien

Choreographer(s) : Pick, Yuval (France)

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