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Maison de la danse 2014

Choreographer(s) : Apergi, Patricia (Greece)

Present in collection(s): Maison de la danse , Saisons 2010 > 2019

Video producer : Aerites Dance company

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Maison de la danse 2014

Choreographer(s) : Apergi, Patricia (Greece)

Present in collection(s): Maison de la danse , Saisons 2010 > 2019

Video producer : Aerites Dance company

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A dance piece performed with dancers of 65+ years old.
The body can dance forever. A performance for those who believe that dance has no age limits.

The OCC’s 65+ dance company consists of people aged 65 or over who took part in a series of movement seminars in 2013. Having completed the training process under the guidance of the Aerites dance company, the participants did what any other company would do and embarked on an intense rehearsal programme in preparation for a performance. With the Aerites at their side, the dancers set about discovering a personal movement idiom and creating an original choreography.

Source : Onassis

Apergi, Patricia

Was born in Athens. She completed her education in the disciplines of dance, theatre and choreography at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (Department of Theatre Studies), the Niki Kotaxaki Dance School, the Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis and the Middlesex University London.

Ιn April 2006, she found the Aerites Dance Company, with which she has choreographed the pieces: Hero (2020), Polittes (Citizens Defeated) (2018), Cementary (2017), TANZheimer (2014), Planites (2013), Era poVera (2012), The Manifest of the Other (2010), d.opa! (dopamines of post-Athenians) (2009), Ferry Tales (2009), Apolost (2008) and Anorexia Socialis (2007).

Her works have toured in various dance festivals and venues around the world.

She has choreographed theatrical plays and operas in collaboration with distinguished Greek and foreign artists.

She was selected as modul-dance artist of the European network EDΝ for the period 2013–2014, and as an associate artist at Maison de la danse (Lyon) for the period 2016–2017.

In 2017, she was invited as a guest choreographer to the dance company EgriBiancoDanza (Turin), where she choreographed the piece Prometheus and the Rebels of Today.

In 2018, she choreographed the installation Τhe Primary Fact of visual artist Hikaru Fujii in the context of the 5th Fast Forward Festival of Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens and the piece Polittes (citizens defeated, revisited) at the Ancient Stadium of Epidaurus with 90 students of dance and theatre from all over the world, in the context of Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

In 2019, she was invited as a guest choreographer to the Aterballetto company in Reggio Emilia, Italy, where she created a piece for 30 dance students in the frame of the Agora project.

In 2021, she choreographed the piece National Adulthood for the Greek National Ballet.

Since 2019, she is part of the Board of Directors at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

She is a co-writer of the book History of Theatre and Theatrical Education (Greek Ministry of Education, Educational Centers for Adults, 2007) and a member of the International Festival of Emerging Artists (London, 2008).

She is the Director of Cultural Events and teaches dance and theatre at the Leonteios School in Athens. She has been teaching choreography at the professional dance school Anna Petrova – Maro Marmarinou for the years 2016-2020. She has also taught improvisation and choreography workshops at the Dance Cultural Centre in the context of ARC for Dance Festival, and the dance program for 65+ at the Onassis Cultural Centre (2013-2020).

She has given lectures on choreography in various universities in Greece and abroad.

In 2021, she establishes the 1st Academy of Choreography in Greece, in collaboration with 2023 Elevsis European Capital of Culture, in the frame of the wider artistic vision of Aerites, titled U(R)TOPIAS.

More information:

Aerites Dance Company

The art of dance, in the case of Aerites, is not only about "morphology", type of "movement" or "means of expression". The group focuses on experimenting and producing performances based on theoretical, dramaturgic and movement research. The aim of Aerites Dance Company is to create artistic actions as a result of the synergy between dance, performing arts, poetry, theatrical practice and new technology.

The company has been awarded with the Ermis prize (2008) and with 3 Evge prices (2009, 2007). With the work "d.ΟPΑ! (dopamines of post-Athenians)", Aerites were chosen by the General Administration for New Generations to represent Greece at the 14th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (City of Skopjie 3th-12th September 2009). "d.OPA!" went on to come in 1st place, judged by a panel of industry professionals inclusive of creative directors from important international festivals, in order to take part in the 8th Platform for Contemporary Dance at the prestigious Megaro Moussikis in Athens, June 2010. Finally, in October 2010, Aerites Dance Company was selected to be in the ten finalist companies for Aerowaves festival in London. Since then they have toured the work in various international festivals.

Source : Arites website

More information :


Choreography : Patricia Apergi

Choreography assistance : Chara Kotsali

Interpretation : The Onassis Cultural Center’s 65+ dance company

Original music : Vassilis Mantzoukis

Lights : Nikos Vlasopoulos

Costumes : Aggelos Mentis

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Onassis Cultural Center

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