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Femmes à gramoun lele

LALANBIK CRDC 2023 - Director : La Tangente TV,

Choreographer(s) : Schrotzenberger, Marion (France)

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Femmes à gramoun lele

LALANBIK CRDC 2023 - Director : La Tangente TV,

Choreographer(s) : Schrotzenberger, Marion (France)

en fr

Femmes Gramoun Lélé

The Nelken Line, Women Gramoun Lélé

Marion Schrotzenberger,

Marion  Schrotzenberger began her training in contempo-raine dance at the  Conservatoire National de Région de Châlon sur Saône. She graduated with  the gold medal.    
She  then entered the F11 (dance technique) course at the Conservatoire de  Danse de Lyon and the Lycée St Exupéry. She will take the courses taught  by professors F. Bénet and M. Mengual. This high level training will  give him the chance to take the courses and masterclasses given by  choreographers of international reputation: Carolyn Carlson, Odile  Duboc, Maguy Marin...
She  will complete her training by obtaining the F11 baccalaureate with the  mention very well and the diploma of graduation in contemporary dance  with the mention very well unanimously of the jury.

It  will then be accepted upon hearing and with a two-year age derogation  from the international training “” at the Centre Chorégraphique  National de Montpellier under the direction of Mathilde Monnier. The  training will be delivered by the greatest names in contemporary dance:  choreographers Mark Tompkins, Lisa Nelson and Steve Paxton, Odile  Duboc, Emmanuelle Huynh, dance historian Laurence Louppe...
After completing her training, she moved to Brussels. Her  first project in Belgium was an encounter with Belgian and Quebec  artists (dancers, videographers, circassians) with choreographer Edith  Depaule, assistant to Michèle Anne de Mey.

The plays will be performed in Brussels (Théâtre de L') and Montréal (Théâtre de Verdure)
Following  the performances at the Théâtre de L'L, he was invited to participate  as a young choreographer in the 2005 Festival “Danse en vol”. She  created her first play «Arizona» with the musician Ismaël Colombani.
She  then founded the collective Lookatmekid with Ismaël Colombani and  Cosima Jentzsch. For 5 years, the collective will regularly come to  Reunion to perform its shows and conduct artistic residencies in  schools.
For  2 years now Marion and other members of the collective have officially  resided between Brussels and Reunion Island and continue the work of  Lookatmekid.

His  installation two years ago on Reunion will be marked by the creation of  «Saut'la mer à l'envers» supported by the Békali network. It is on the history of his Creole family that the entire dramaturgy of the show is based. The question of origins, migrations and the fa-milial link are danced spoken and set to music. This  piece will also mark his desire to deepen the relationship between  gesture and word and the integration of amateur extras into his  professional work.

La Tangente TV,

Collectif Lookatmekid

Ismaël  Colombani is a musician (group «Sages comme des Sauvages») Marion  Schrotzenberger is a dancer. They met at the age of 13 and at that time  mounted their first play. Small short form selected and presented at the  Châlon festival in the street. From there will follow a number of joint  projects putting at the center of their practice the relationship dance  live music.
Their  finished artistic studies they moved to Brussels where they met artists  of different nationalities and artistic practices: Cosima Jentzsch  actress, Joaquin Breton director. They founded the Lookatmekid  Collective in 2008. 

To call oneself collective and not company is an essential choice in the artistic approach of the group. No established hierarchy, projects carried out collectively or individually by involving others. A common foundation interdisciplinarity. The first years of the collective will allow to try various forms: performance, dance film, dance music show, dance concert.
As of 2011 Lookatmekid will present its creations on Reunion Island and will bring different resistances in school territory. This  desire to come and perform and meet other artists lies in the fact that  Marion Schrotzenberger is originally from Reunion Island because of her  Creole maternal family.

Since 2017, the Lookatmekid collective has been sharing its seasons between Brussels and Reunion Island.
In 2018 Lookatmekid created «Jump'la mer à l'envers» thanks to the support of the Cité des Arts and the Békali network.
The  collective is now developing various participatory collaborative  projects combining professional artists and a diverse public.
The  next residential projects of this type will be created with inmates of  Domenjod taking as support the work of Pina Bausch, an association of  seniors of the ilet Quiquina on the history of their neighborhood, a  boxing club for a boxing dance concert.

Lookatmekid also works closely with the band «Sages comme des Sauvages» of which Ismaël Colombani is a member. The staging of their next concert will be created by Marion Schrotzenberger, various clips will be made by Joaquin Breton.

Finally, the Lookatmekid collective is enriched by its two hometowns, Reunion Island and Belgium. Two territories with different cultures, with different artistic movements, between contemporary and traditional. To build bridges between the flat country and the pebble through creations made on the two territorials. Always  inspired by the Tanztheater by Pina Bausch, the Flemish theatre of the  Ballets C de la B, the traditional dances and music of the Indian Ocean  and Asia, Lookatmekid today tries to approfon an aesthetic that could be  fun named:  Creole dance theatre.


Choreography : Marion Schrotzenberger

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