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PRO Offer

160€ HT/year

  • Management and promotion of your videos
  • Creation of virtual exhibitions
  • Unlimited uploads
  • No ads
  • Unlimited views

PRO Offer +

300€ HT/year

  • Management and promotion of your videos
  • Creation of virtual exhibitions
  • Unlimited uploads
  • No ads
  • Unlimited views
  • Advice and support to create video content, further training in cataloguing, browsing, researching documents and organising video content (virtual exhibitions, playlists, etc.)



100€ HT

Showcase exclusive content on Numeridanse. The Numeridanse team will take care of:

  • Video encoding and uploading
  • Cataloguing your content
  • Translation
  • Publication
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Customised service


Choose your service:

  • Video content creation
  • Uploading and cataloguing video content
  • Text translation
  • Creation of promotional media
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The Benefits of Numeridanse

Promote your video collection

Retain ownership of your work

Guaranteed access to an exclusive video collection

Share your account

  • Open access platform
  • Resource editing
  • Integrated search engine geared towards dance
  • No ads
  • Site hosted in France
  • Multilingual content
  • Streaming but no downloading
  • Quality playback on a variety of devices (computer, tablet, smart phone) First dedicated dance platform
  • A site for the dance professional community

Join us!

Since its creation, Numeridanse has grown thanks to the dedication of dance professionals committed to sharing their passion for dance. These contributors have made their work available to the world and participated in the development of an international project.
Together, they showcase a unique online choreographic library.

The contributor allows their work to be listed in a catalogued video library accessible around the world: interviews, documentaries, shows, dance videos... This content, in the form of an extract or its full length, is archived and made available to everyone in a database powered by a search engine developed specifically to target dance.
In joining the platform, the contributor is able to create promotional materials: virtual exhibitions, playlists, webdocs…

Artists, companies, organisations, production agencies, libraries and resource centres, local authorities, festivals, performance centres, arts councils and foundations, directors, associated professionals...


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