Tango - Bal au centre... Balez donc

Creation date : 2010

Recorded at the CND 17 December 2010


Bal au centre... Balez donc

Choreography Thomas Lebrun, Christine Corday - First performed 2010

With her “Dance Floor” first, Charlotte Rousseau, the videographer, begins by immersing the spectators in the Atrium of the National Centre for Dance with different sequences of dance from popular musical films.

Then through the sound of “Las Ondas Marteles” (Sarah Murcia, Seb and Nicolas Martel) Thomas Lebrun et Christine Corday inaugurate a ball for you like nothing you've ever seen before! Accompanied by Claudia Miazzo, Jean-Paul Padovani, Olga Plaza, Christian Ubl and Vanessa Marques Martinez, they embark you on a “conferdance” following the traces of popular dances from yesteryear and from today, waltzing through an accordion style to a jerk, from a tango to a swing, from ballroom dances to the java, and, of course the Madison. Demonstration and initiations included!

And, last but not least, the Las Ondas Marteles Group and DJ Moulinex give the floor to voices, guitars, double bass and records, enthralling the public with a fever-pitched Rock-a-Billy Ball.


choreography Thomas Lebrun, Christine Corday
a film by Centre national de la danse

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Lebrun, Thomas

Thomas Lebrun has danced for Bernard Glandier, Daniel Larrieu, Christine Bastin, Christine Jouve and Pascal Montrouge, and founded the Illico company in 1998, after composing the solo “Cache Ta Joie!“. Based in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, he was first of all an associated artist at Vivat, Armentières (2003-2005) before taking on a similar role in 2006 at Danse à Lille CDC (Centre for Choreographic Development). “On prendra bien le temps d'y être”, “(La) Trêves” “Les Soirées What You Want?”, “Switch”, “Itinéraire d'un danseur grassouillet” and now “La Constellation Consternée” are all works that are also aesthetic worlds which are explored, allying demanding and precise dance with an assertive theatricality.

Thomas Lebrun has also composed a number of pieces in collaboration, notably with the Swiss choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilité (“Le Show” / “Un Twomen Show”) and the French choreographer Cécile Loyer (Que tál!), and makes training and teaching a priority. She teaches at the CND (National Dance Centre) in Pantin and Lyon, Ménagerie de Verre, La Rochelle Conservatoire, Balletéatro de Porto, etc.

He has also choreographed for foreign companies, such as the Liaonning National Ballet in China, Grupo Tapias in Brazil (a solo and, in 2009, a quintet for the Year of France in Brazil) and for Loreta Juodkaité, the Lithuanian dancer

in the 2009 edition of the New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius et for FranceDanse Vilnius managed by  CulturesFrance (Vilnius, European cultural capital 2009).

In 2012, Thomas Lebrun becomes the new artistic director for the Centre chorégraphique national de Tours.

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Corday, Christine

Christine Corday followed an atypical and very rich training path (dance, acrobatics and singing courses) marked by incredible adventures with choreographs, including Dominique Boivin (“Cabaret Pataphysique”, “Petites Histoires au-dessus du Ciel”, “Mécaniques”, “Conte sur Moi”, “Le Lion et le Rat”), Jean Gaudin (“Soirée Privée”), Marc Tompkins (“Home”), Régis Huvier (“Et ils barjottent”, “Cherche pas y'a moi”, “T'es mort ou pas cap”), collaborations with Pascale Houbin, Thomas Lebrun and Martha Moore.
 From these encounters and experiences a rather personal dance style was born: three soli created in 1997, and the works: “Mine de rien” (1997), “Elles” (2002), “Tous contes faits... si c'est possible” (2007), “Tim Songs” (2004), quartet in collaboration with the composer Jean-Christophe Marti, “Féroces” (2005) in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Olivier Dubois. She also organizes bals musettes (traditional accordion-music balls) in a variety of theatres.
In 2010, Christine Corday and Viviane de Muynck worked on “La Mouche, l'Archange”, “Une histoire en mouvement, à deux voix, déraisonnables, extravagantes, contradictoires et absurdes”, (created on 12, 13 and 14 November 2010 at the Ferme du Buisson – National Theatre in Marne la Vallée, and notably presented from 16 to 20 March 2011 at the Bastille Theatre in Paris).

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Miazzo, Claudia

After formal training, she began her professional career in Italy with classical dance companies such as Aterballetto.
Following a study scholarship with Carolyn Carlson and Alwin Nikolaïs, she moved to France and collaborated with numerous choreographers from very different worlds, such as Thomas Lebrun, Jan Fabre, Christiane Blaise, Jean Gaudin and Philippe Jamet, Frédéric Flamand and more.        
She was a winner of the Sens–Synodales choreography contest in France for her choreography and performance of the duo Kodzokou, as well as receiving a special mention for her performance in the Vignale Danza choreography contest in Italy.   
As well as training in release technique, contact dance and the analysis of dance movement, in 2005 she obtained a diploma as a dance teacher at the CND in Lyon.  
Thanks to contact dance and choreography research, Argentine Tango became a thrilling addition to her evolution as a dancer.     
After long periods in Buenos Aires, she founded the Company Tango Ostinato in Paris with Jean Paul Padovani.

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Padovani, Jean-Paul

After studying the lute and ancient and baroque music in Paris, he played in concerts between 1995 and 2000 in several professional ensembles and as a soloist. His research into performance and improvisation led him into the modern repertoire and recordings of Astor Piazzolla. Through music, he discovered dance.    
He very quickly developed his personal research into movement in relation to his musical training and his experience practising martial arts and fencing.           
He has participated in numerous shows and performances in France and abroad (Buenos Aires, Geneva, Venice) as a dancer and choreographer, and has made a name for himself by developing his own style of creative improvisation. He has evolved between tradition and modernity, linking the traditional TANGO MILONGUERO with the more contemporary TANGO NUEVO.  
He has spent several periods in Buenos Aires, where he perfected his skills with Gustavo Naveira, Mariano 'Chicho' Frumboli, Pablo Véron, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Pablo Villarraza and Dana Frigoli, Nancy Louzan and Damian Esell, and Christina Cortes. 
He came to contemporary dance by training and perfecting his skills with Pierre Doussaint, Stephane Fratti and Bruno Sajous. This approach further enriched his corporal gesture in the Tango. He was asked by Thomas Lebrun to participate in the show What you want? at the Théâtre 140 in Brussels and the Théâtre Nelson Rodriguez in Rio de Janeiro, as well as several 'Bardas'. In May 2008 he founded the company TANGO OSTINATO with Claudia Miazzo. 

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