Broken Fall [Conceal | Reveal]

Initially created for Sylvie Guillem and the BalletBoyz, "Broken fall" is here interpreted by Carys Staton and two dancers of the company of Russell Maliphant.



“Echo”, created in 2003, revisits twenty years of creation by drawing from seven works from Catherine Diverrès’ repertoire: “L'Arbitre des elegances”, “L'Ombre du ciel”, “Fragment II”, “Concertino”, “Stance I”, “Corpus” and “Fruits”.

Welcome / Get…Done


Devised by Josette Baïz, 'Welcome' brings together different pieces by female choreographers. Here, 'Get...Done' by Katharina Christl shows us two destinies, which attempt to bring together both their common grounds and their differences.