Retrospective: 1985

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Focus on 1985 et and productions of Michel Kelemenis, Régine Chopinot, Maguy Marin, Mathilde Monnier and Jean-François Duroure.

L'Angela, après l'échec d'une révolution


Filming Dance workshop 3


Teaser Danse élargie 2016

For its fourth edition, the 2016 International "Danse élargie" contest is a double édition Seoul-Paris. The selected projects are to discover the June 11 and 12 at LG Arts Center in Seoul and on 18 and 19 June at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.

Le projet du Pont Culturel Méditerranéen

Author : Lagraa, Abou

Carried by Abou Lagraa and Nawal Aït-Benalla-Lagraa/Company La Baraka, introduced by the Algerian Ministry of Culture, supported by the Algerian Agency for the Cultural Brilliance, the project of the Mediterranean cultural Bridge is conceived in 2010 as a

The Wayward Daughter

Author : Cramér, Ivo
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A ballet created by Ivo Cramer from the original version of Dauberval (1789).