Next of Kin


“Next of Kin”, a creation for six dancers and a musician, is a quest of the primitive. It questions our deepest fears, our childhood nightmares and our collective unconscious, filled with shadowy and ghoulish figures.

Teaser - "D. Quixote" by Andrés Marín

Andrés Marín embraces fictional territory to stir up one of the founding myths of Spanish culture and reshape his dance. Looking beyond the mythical character and his adventures, the choreographer reinvent a hybrid, sensual, loud and provocative flamenco.



recorded at the CND 21 November 2014, belongs to the European Program modul-dance

Mes amis [adaptation]

Posted by : Montpellier Danse

Bagouet finds its own way, where hallucination born of the suspension of time, the expansion of space and infinite detail in relation to the movement, text, voice and sound.

3rd Flamenco Art Biennial

This time again the third flamenco art Biennale features an exceptional lineup, bringing Paris close to the heart of duende : Andrés Marín, Alan Lucien Øyen, José Galván, Rafaela Carrasco, Rocío Molina...