Bruit de couloir

Creation date : 2014

With Bruit de couloir, Clément Dazin analyses our sensations when, close to the end, in a coma, we relive a few crumbs of existence. Recorded at the CND 6 June 2014


Bruit de couloir

Juggling and dance Clément Dazin     

What are our reasons for living at different ages in life? What are our fears? Our joys? And, when death does come, what do we feel? Do we return one last time to the film of our life?

With Bruit de couloir, Clément Dazin analyses our sensations when, close to the end, in a coma, we relive a few crumbs of existence.  Drawing inspiration from testimonies of people who have experienced these moments in a coma, he creates a dead juggler and dancer who remembers life with wisdom. During the piece, every moment can be seen several times and in different ways. In terms of the dance, sometimes flirting with hip hop, it is in turns jolting, fluid or light, creating a unique juggling where the balls become more than instruments, but genuine partners.


juggling and dance Clément Dazin
lighting design Freddy Bonneau
sound design Grégory Adoir
external choreography consulting Bruno Dizien, Aragorn Boulanger, Johanne Saunier
lighting management Freddy Bonneau or Thierry Schouteten
sound management Grégory Adoir or Mathieu Ferrasson

production Centre National de la Danse

duration 32 minutes

Latest update: September 2014

Dazin, Clément

Quickly taking an interest in movement, Clément Dazin started gymnastics at the age of six. At sixteen he turned to the circus, and more specifically juggling, by joining the company Point Bar, in which he discovered the pleasure of creation. While also studying, he continued to train in movement and the stage with hip hop and drama lessons and by practising juggling and acrobatics in various structures. This allowed him to encounter very different worlds and to become aware of the divisions that existed between each of these techniques.       
In 2008 he joined Ménival, the Lyon circus school, followed by the Centre national des arts du cirque in 2009. During this training, he rubbed shoulders with Philippe Genty, Aragorn Boulanger, Johanne Saunier, Julien Clément and Bruno Dizien.
Clément Dazin developed his world by working on the links between contemporary dance, hip hop dance and juggling, and became aware of the benefits of combining disciplines to extract them from their environment. Juggling thus takes on meaning and it not limited to a technical demonstration. Similarly, hip hop techniques allow time to be distorted without being authenticated as belonging to the hip hop environment.         
In 2012 he went on tour with the end-of-year show from the 23rd year group of the CNAC, This is The End, directed by David Bobee. In 2013 he choreographed Bruit de couloir, a dance and juggling solo, and worked on Saccades, a participative circus project in collaboration with the collection Microfocus and the Muchmuche company.

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