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Trajectoire fluide 2002

Choreographer(s) : Dubois, Kitsou (France)

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Video producer : Ki Productions

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Trajectoire fluide 2002

Choreographer(s) : Dubois, Kitsou (France)

Present in collection(s):

Video producer : Ki Productions

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Trajectoire fluide

Chorégraphie Kitsou Dubois

This is a multidisciplinary work combining dance, acrobatics, juggling, images, music and visual arts.

“Fluid Trajectory” uses all these elements for a single purpose: to propose tentative answers to the questions raised by the unique experience of weightlessness.

“Fluid Trajectory” presents pictures which are all raw material reworked on the basis of our experience of movement in weightlessness. These ‘tableaux’ evolve and are true laboratories of research and experimentation.

“Fluid Trajectory” questions the form of stage art and adapts to different venues: conventional theatre stages and other places with volumes already in place.

The stage is designed as a space for motion where the performers’ bodies are faced with differing densities. The function of the stage setting is to alter the spectator’s perception. It uses images, trampolines, objects, music and performers.

The great image is definitely present: the trampoline blends into the image projected onto the background cyclorama, other screens and materials make the image move. Objects and mobiles create spaces that are random, but consistent. Who or what is holding whom or what? The object, the environment or the bodies? Red elastic ropes criss-cross through space and -- while supporting the dancers -- penetrate the image and create lines of tension, symbolic links between the inner space of the dancers’ bodies and the space surrounding them.



Whereabouts of Work

« Trajectoire fluide » was presented at the Centre Culturel Aragon de Temblay, France and at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris

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Chorégraphie Kitsou Dubois scènimage Eric Duranteau musique Alain Bellaïche scénographie Goury lumière Patrice Besombes et Anne Burgeot
Avec Chloé Ban, Mathurin Bolze, Magali Caillet, Manu Debuck, Jörg Müller  et Laura de Nercy.

Durée 55 minutes

Production et diffusion La Magnanerie

mise à jour : février 2014 test


Dubois, Kitsou

Choreographer and dance researcher
Artistic director of Ki Productions

As part of her partnerships with scientists and researchers, Kitsou Dubois has been on parabolic flights – the only way to experience zero gravity while staying “on Earth”, whereby a plane goes up to a high altitude, turns off the ignition and comes down in free fall. The body is rendered weightless for 20 seconds, and then crashes back onto the plane floor. These flights recreate the zero-gravity living conditions of astronauts in orbital stations.

In 1990, Kitsou Dubois went on a parabolic flight organised by the CNES (National Centre for Space Studies), which allowed her to experience a few seconds of zero gravity. From this original experience, she has developed projects based on the body faced with states of altered gravity: she has worked on the bodies of dancers in the water, of acrobats on circus apparatuses, and of astronauts in the plane. She now examines through her productions how movement is born, the ambiguity of the body’s limits, and the moment of appearance.

Her choreography creates new states of the body, which blur the limits between heavy and light, dancers and acrobats, live bodies and projected bodies. Visuals are both the witness and memory of the weightless body, and a privileged partner that offers other densities to the body. They also help to open up the stage onto other spaces.

Kitsou Dubois creates dreamlike plays, which distort the audience’s perception. Movements alternate between disorientation and anchorage. The bodies of the performers and the bodies of the spectators are linked in a common disorientation. During this artistic’ course, the company has developed expertises and original propositions to meet various audiences (workshop in water, nights “come back flights”, meetings between artists and scientifics…)

Source :Kitsou Dubois 's website

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