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In the 9th edition of the EIVV (Encontre Internacional de Videodansa i Videoperformance) or International Meeting of Videodance and Videoperformance, we have opted for a presentation in the form of an online programme (Théma-exhibition in four chapters), where everyone is free to discover the pieces in any order, and a Collection for EIVV 2022.

This year we have selected 25 screendance works from the 1223 submissions from all over the world. The quantity and quality of screendance production is impressive and vivacious. 

We include in this exhibition of "Dancing with the editing" works that use different post-production techniques to transform movement and create new realities.


Shifting tools, Run, and .smooth explore how the split screen and the superposition of different moments on the same screen can build new movement and a new choreography.

Shifting Tools (01:00, Italy, dir. Francesca Santamaria, Mattia Cursi)

Run (05:00, UK, dir. Stuart Pound)

.smooth (01:00, Germany, dir. Stephan Dorn)


Stop-Motion is used in the other pieces, as a tool for classical animation in Desolate, as a way to study non-linear movement in Études, or as a way to make inanimate pictures get in the dance with Memento and Bookanima

Desolate (0:45, Sweden, dir. Gabriella Engdahl, Peter Lundhall Ortiz) 

Memento...Boltanski! (04:55, Germany, dir. Eri Kassnel) 

Études (08:27, Greece, dir. Evi Stamou, Pietro Radin)

BOOKANIMA (05:08, US, dir. Shon Kim)

Transformed reality

Fugante Causal and In Memory Of use image transformation and the superposition to evoke the distortion of reality and perception. This expressive use of postproduction can only happen in screendance and form part of this specific audiovisual language.

Virtual reality

Choreo/cut/graphic, Toulele and Sylphides use different types of image synthesis to create new spaces and new dances. Song Lines goes to total abstraction making lines dance to the music.

Choreo/cut/graphic (08:54, Finland, dir. Mikko Kallinen)

Sylphides 3.1 (04:00, Brazil, dir. Diego Mac)

Avalanche Kaito - TOULELE (03:41, Belgium, dir. Simon Breeveld)

Song Lines (02:33, UK, dir. Stuart Pound)

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