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When video-art meets video-dance. A selection of Alma Llerena for the EIVV+FIVB 2021

The following works are discussed and presented by Alma Llerena and Blas Payri

the I's have it

Director Kayla Schiltgen — United States

INTERLOOP Meaning Lies Inter/views /Loves

Director Paul Jacques Yves GUILBERT — Belgium


Directors Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner — Brazil

T I M E Q U A K E (2.0)

Director Tamar Zehava Tabori — Canada

Memory Frame

Director Alessandro Amaducci — Italy

Queda (Fall)

Directors Filipe Marcena, Marcelo Sena — Brazil

In Media Res

Director Anthony VALON — France

Payri, Blas

Llerena, Alma

Joint screendance event EIVV+FIVB 23-28 October 2021

Artistic direction / Conception : Blas Payri, Alma Llerena, Franck Boulègue, Marisa Hayes

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Blas Payri

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