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Welcome / Le Corbeau et le Renard

Welcome / Le Corbeau et le Renard

Le Corbeau et le Renard

Duo - 10'
Choregraphy : Dominique Hervieu
Transmission : Bobo Pani 
Sound design :  Catherine Lagarde

“ ‘Le Corbeau et le Renard’ (The Crow and the Fox) is the only fable that I can still recite by heart, thirty years later: ‘Que vous êtes joli ! Que vous me semblez beau !’ (How beautiful you are! How handsome you do grow!)  I will therefore pay homage to the recollection, nestled deep within my childhood memory, of this fictitious society populated by humans, animals and plants who are alive, who talk and who devour each other in the world of La Fontaine. I like this art of telling stories, where the verve and elegance of language – its lightness – tell us of cruelty, vanity, and the ferocity of the world.” 

Dominique Hervieu 


The dancers of Compagnie Grenade like movement, the use of space and rhythm, and delight in sharing this choreographic research and these emotions with each other and the wider public.  They are prepared to go in search of new worlds.  

It was for this reason that this year I wanted to continue to work with other choreographers whose strangeness, differences and humour can highlight the quality of these dancers. 
For the 20th anniversary of Grenade (the 2011 production), the guest choreographers were mainly male; I thought it was interesting to continue this experience with the involvement of female choreographers. I therefore asked for one of the most representative pieces of the strong, unique world of a variety of French or foreign choreographers, whether well-known or emerging: Blanca Li, Sun-A Lee, Katharina Christl, Eun-Me Ahn, Dominique Hervieu, Germaine and Patrick Acogny. They produced a wide range of unusual, personal visions of the world to create a rich and celebratory programme.


Interpreter : Aurore Indaburu, Axel Loubette, brian Caillet, Félix Heaulme, Lola Cougard, Michaël Jaume, Mylène Lamugnière, Noëlle Quillet, Nordine belmekki, Pierre boileau, Sinath Ouk 
Light : Dominique Drillot
Generale Management : Erwann Collet 
Sound manager : Mathieu Maurice 
Costumes : Philippe Combeau, Julie Yousef, Christiane Crochat et Sylvie Le Guyader 

With the support of : Klap - Maison pour la Danse (résidence de finalisation mai 2014). 
La compagnie Grenade est conventionnée par le Ministère de la culture et de la communication – Drac paca, et subventionnée par le conseil Général des Bouches-du-rhône, le conseil régional paca, la Ville de Marseille et la Ville d’aix-en-provence.  

Video direction : Fabien Plasson
Production : Maison de la Danse - 2015

Hervieu, Dominique

Born in 1962 in Coutances (Normandy, France), Dominique Hervieu has had a voracious appetite for every form of movement since she was six years old. After her first love, gymnastics, she elected dance as the new object of her passion : classical dance, at first, which she practised for a dozen years, mainly with Michèle Latini; and then contemporary dance, with Peter Goss, Alwin Nicolais and Hervé Diasnas.

In 1981, she met José Montalvo and with him developed an original gestural language – fluid, rapid and precise – that would impart a singular style to their works. In 1988, their close artistic bond yielded Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu, which performs at the leading venues in France and beyond. Ten years and five new pieces later, the duo were appointed to head the Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de- Marne. Since 2000, Dominique Hervieu has co- devised all the pieces by Compagnie Montalvo- Hervieu, which ranks among the most popular and recognised contemporary-dance companies in France and abroad.

In 2000, they specially created Variation au Paradis for the opening ceremony of the Cannes International Film Festival. That year, Dominique Hervieu became artistic adviser to the Théâtre National de Chaillot and was appointed director of the venue’s youth programme. She conducted original arts-education actions, drawing on connections between dance works and artistic practices on the one hand, and on those between the arts on the other hand, in partnership with the Musée du Louvre and several other Paris institutions. She notably conceived a choreographic trail at the Louvre in 2004, attracting 5,000 spectators.

In 2001 she created "Mosaïque... Danse(s) d’une ville", a piece for 180 amateur dancers aged 15 to 85: a multicultural portrait in dance of the town of Créteil, which involved residents in the creative process. In 2002 and 2003 she devised two pieces on her own: "Intervallo Brio" at the Mettre en scène festival, a work for two virtuoso dancers, a grandfather and two little girls; and "Le Corbeau et le renard", a dance version of La Fontaine’s fable.

In 2006 she created "La Bossa Fataka" de Rameau with José Montalvo. With Montalvo she also choreographed and directed two operas : "Les Paladins", under the musical direction of William Christie of Les Arts Florissants, at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris (2004); and George Gershwin’s "Porgy and Bess" at the Opéra National de Lyon (2008).
Also in 2006, Dominique Hervieu created L’artde la rencontre - Cartes postales chorégraphiques for " Les Francophonies ! " festival, in conjunction with four choreographers from the Francophone world. These collaborations gave rise to 12 filmed duos and provided the material for a documentary for Arte. In June 2008, Hervieu was appointed director of the Théâtre National de Chaillot. The duo’s most recent work, "Orphée", was staged in 2010. In July that year she initiated Imaginez Maintenant, a national event to promote young artists, in conjunction with France’s High Commissioner for Youth and its Council for Artistic Creation.  In July 2011, she succeeded Guy Darmet as general manager of La Maison de la Danse and as artistic director of the Lyon Dance Biennial.

Since 2014, Dominique Hervieu has been developing the international part of the Lyon Dance Biennial parade by inviting groups of major European cities (Turin and Barcelona). In 2018, she will be the Artistic Director of the Triennial of Yokohama Dance, Dance, Dance.

Source: Maison de la Danse



Baïz, Josette

Josette Baïz, who was trained by Odile Duboc, has been teaching contemporary dance since 1978 in Aix-en-Provence, where she created her first choreographies for young dancers who took part in her classes.

In 1982, when she was a dancer for Jean-Claude Gallotta, Josette Baïz won first prize in the 14th edition of the Bagnolet International Choreographic Competition, as well as the public prize and the French Minister for Culture's prize. She went on to found her first company: The Place Blanche, and has since created over 40 works, for her own companies and for an array of national (Toulouse, Jeune Ballet de France of the Lyon Conservatory, etc.) and international ballets (Boston, Royal Ballet of Phnom Penh, Germany, Venezuela, The Netherlands, etc.).

In 1989, the French Minister for Culture invited her for a year as artist in residence for a school in the Northern districts of Marseille. This encounter with young people, from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, led her to reconsider the signification of her work and to radically modify her artistic approach.
The confrontation with proposals as diverse as breakdance, smurf, hip-hop, oriental, gypsy, Indian and African dance, obliged her to totally reappraise the physical and mental skills she had acquired.
She was totally unacquainted with the supports, the way the ground was used, the circular movements of the hips, the sharp strikes of flamenco and the loosened pelvis of African dances.

And so, a process of mutual exchange was initiated: Josette Baïz taught contemporary, classical dance and composition in research workshops; the young dancers taught her their way of asserting their origins and feelings.

It was, therefore, only natural for Josette Baïz to create the Groupe Grenade, which brought together over thirty young dancers, in 1992. In 1998, Josette decided to perpetuate the cross-cultural work undertaken with the Groupe Grenade, whilst continuing to pursue an intensely contemporary perspective. She created the compagnie Grenade which comprised five key dancers from the Groupe Grenade.

Josette Baïz's wish is to continue to enhance this choreographic repertoire by continuing to partner artistically with French and international choreographers; by taking part in cutting-edge and original multidisciplinary projects and, as such, initiating encounters and exchange.

Source : Grenade - Josette Baïz Cie 's website

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