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ORBE 2021 - Director : Combeau, Laura

Choreographer(s) : Nach (France) Minh Cuong Castaing, Eric (France) Mastushita, Masako (Italy) De Vega, Jésus (Spain)

Present in collection(s): orbe , VIBES

Video producer : ORBE

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ORBE 2021 - Director : Combeau, Laura

Choreographer(s) : Nach (France) Minh Cuong Castaing, Eric (France) Mastushita, Masako (Italy) De Vega, Jésus (Spain)

Present in collection(s): orbe , VIBES

Video producer : ORBE

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This video brings together all the protocols of the VIBES experiment. It allows to understand the artistic universe of each protocol and the approach of each choreographer and musicians who contributed to the project.



Vibes offers a choreographic and sound encounter experience, accessible to everyone from mobile. It allows users to come together to share a danced moment – ​​a bit like the Flash Mob, in a given place – a park for example – or in different cities or countries, at the same time.

Equipped with headphones, the participants improvise their dance together thanks to the audio-guidance of a choreographer. The application also allows them to co-create music based on their movements and their movements in space.

A Vibes session can take place simultaneously in different places to bring spaces together by synchronizing bodies

some participants.

Make dance accessible to all to bring together a diverse audience. Allow people who are physically distant or alone to connect to experience a moment of shared dance and co-created music, by abolishing borders thanks to mobile technologies. Being able to live together an ephemeral moment of bodily harmony, wherever you are, and arouse a feeling of belonging despite the distances.

Vibes offers the rare opportunity to meet, reconnect with a living and vibrant community, share emotions and energies, after a long period of constraints, for bodies and collective experiences.


Anne-Marie Vann (alias Nach) came across Krump dance by chance at the age of 22, at the Opéra de Lyon, having seen some of the first images of it in the documentary film Rize by David Lachapelle. The street was her first school: here she found a community which gave her her knowledge and the foundations for this urban, Gospel dance.

Nach’s dance was forged through her encounters.  Her meeting with the choreographer Heddy Maalem in 2012 was critical in forming her desire to develop Krump with the influence of other practices.  Equally significant was her encounter with the dancer Bintou Dembélé, with whom she shared the scene /T/R/A/T/E/S quartet.

Her encounters with traditional arts, like Kathakali (she trained in this at ARTA), are significant. Another example is flamenco, whose duende evokes for her the glee of of the Krump beats.

Her curiosity allows her to draw reference from the crossover point of different arts: photography (Antoine d’Agata, Francesca Woodman, etc.), poetry (Sony Labou Tansi etc.), audiovisual arts, and experimental film and music.

Nach begun to put her dance into theatrical settings. Marcel Bozonnet called on her to work on La neuvième nuit, nous passerons la frontière, created in November 2016.  She created her first solo Cellule in 2017 and continued with a focus on contemporary dance in Columbia, creating the duet -Et toi? with the choreographer Angela Bello.

Nach was a resident artist at the Kujoyama Villa between July and December 2018, and will hold her 2018 position as artistic fellow at the CCN de la Rochelle until 2020.  Additionally, she is supported by the Atelier de Paris/CDCN as part of  “Fonds FoRTE”.

Source: Manakin Production

Minh Cuong Castaing, Eric

Born  in 1979 in Seine-Saint-Denis, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing is from the  field of visual arts: graduate school image Gobelins in Paris, he has  been for several years in the creative animation. Interested  in choreographic writing in real time, it first discovered hip-hop 97  and Butoh, led master Carlotta Ikeda and Gyohei Zaitsu and finally  contemporary dance, especially with the German choreographer Va Wölfl.

Eric  MCC founded in 2007 Shonen the company, setting up within a couple of  shows, performances, films and installations, crossing the dance and new  technologies, and using both professional dancers and amateurs  performers. In a move he  described as "in situ Socius", each work is created in partnership, art  & science and / or institutions outside the field of art (schools,  research laboratory, driving Education Center ...)

Member  of the European network Modul-dance choreography (2012- 2014), it is  now an associate artist at the National Ballet of Marseille (2016-2018).  During this association  with Ballet, Eric MCC introduces a highlight of the festival "adventure  Inventors" in partnership with the Commissioner in visual arts Gael  Charbau door and artistic director of an educational digital  implementation supported by Creative Europe.

His  work, supported by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC PACA DICRéAM CNC ...)  received various awards in the field of dance (choreography Exchange  SACD - Beaumarchais, 1st prize Arts and Cultural audacity Diversity  Foundation) , contemporary art (Audi Talents 2017 Pulsar 2017) or  digital arts (Dream digital draft Scam Lagardère digital Exchange).

Source: Eric Minh Cuong Castaing

More information:

Mastushita, Masako

"I'm an artist, so I'm taking action."

Masako Mastushita is an Italo-Japanese dancer and choreographer. In

2012 she graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance and in

Dance theater in London.

Subsequently, she was hosted in residence in Europe and internationally such

as Residency Unlimited in New York, the Experimental Theater in Pesaro or the 4bid

Amsterdam Gallery. With a lot of artistic collaborations behind it,

Masako choreographed the piece LAND SKAP with Ingvild Isaksen, SHINODO and

ONE / DRESS. She is also a dancer for several artists like Curandi

Katz and at the moment she works with the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa and

Arte Sella Borgo Valsugana in Italy.

De Vega, Jesus

Jesus de Vega is a choreographer and performer from the Canary Islands. His career as a dancer began in 1993 with companies like Emio Greco / PC, Galili Dance, Iceland Dance Company etc. He started working as a choreographer in 2008 and his work arrived in Holland and it was presented in several dance festivals such as Mundial, Nazomerfestivaal, Dandagen; but also internationally, notably at Instabul and in the United Kingdom.

In 2012 he participated in Spazio, a European choreographic program and he is a guest artist at ICKamsterdam.

His approach is inspired by socio-political issues. It presents the reality in which we live with great sensitivity and emotion. It establishes a dialogue on the current human condition.

Combeau, Laura

"I work on a variety of projects, and I have the chance to work with very talented people.

From the chef restaurateur, to the technical team of a feature film, including the entrepreneur, the professional dancer, the baroque quartet and the liberal nurse:

I adapt to different types of content.

It is the authenticity of each theme that drives my creativity. "




Orbe team gathers designers, artists and scientists around the experimentation and implementation of experiences involving the body and new media.

Orbe intervenes mainly in the cultural field in design-realization of digital mediation, situated experiences and authoring tools.

Orbe develops an expertise in the field of location based systems, design and implementation of location based experiences, augmented reality, 3D sound, generative mapping.


Artistic direction / Conception : ORBE

Choreography : Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, Nach, Masako Mastushita,Jesus de Vega

Interpretation : Performance participative

Artistic consultancy / Dramaturgy : Orbe

Original music : Yes Soeur!, Morf Muzik, Mugen Yahiro, Tchai Black

Video conception : ORBE et Laura Combeau

Technical direction : ORBE

Sound : Yes Soeur!, Morf Muzik, Mugen Yahiro, Tchai Black

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : ORBE, Maison de la Danse, CSC Bassano del Grappa, ICK Amsterdam

Duration : entre 15min et 45 min

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