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-S- Pression 2011

Choreographer(s) : Sourbet, Chloé (France)

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Video producer : IDILL

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-S- Pression 2011

Choreographer(s) : Sourbet, Chloé (France)

Present in collection(s):

Video producer : IDILL

en fr


-The solitude is the spectre of our past experiences-
Inspired by Henri Cartier Bresson's photography, this movie puts in movement a body affected and haunted by the weight of the solitude and the society.

Sourbet, Chloé

Chloé Sourbet was trained at Ballets JazzArt under the direction of Raza Hammadi, and perfected her classical dance with Wayne Byars.   

During her career as a performer, she has encountered the work of Dalila Belaza, Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Dance Company, Hervé Diasnas, and the Compagnie Troubleyn, with whom she took different master classes.   

In 2010, she joined the company Mesden with L’Insomnie des Murènes. She has also performed in Bad Little Bubble B, winner of the Impatience 2013 festival, in La Venue des Esprits and in L’Effet W, creations written and directed by Laurent Bazin.   
In 2013 she began working with the company Des Petits Pas Dans Les Grands, with whom she discovered contemporary puppetry. She worked on the creation of the show "O’Yuki" alongside Audrey Bonnefoy, in particular during brainstorming workshops with the students of the Conservatoire Régional of Amiens.   

In January 2016 she appeared in “En t’Attendant", an adaptation of the illustrated book by Émilie Vast, directed by Audrey Bonnefoy.   

These encounters, across the arts, (puppets, theatre, visual arts) and for different audiences (for persons with disabilities, schools) have led her to develop movement and corporal possibilities to deploy what is essential in her choreographic language.

Source: Cie Des petits pas dans les grands 's website

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Artistic direction / Conception : Chloé Sourbet

Choreography : Chloé Sourbet

Interpretation : Chloé Sourbet

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