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Des Gnawa dans le bocage

Des Gnawa dans le bocage

Gnawa dans le bocage (Des)

Guicheney, Pierre

French writer and director. After  a theatrical and anthropological training at the Teatr Laboratorium by  Jerzy Grotowski (1978-1981), Pierre Guicheney participated in the  creation in Italy of the artistic collective Gruppo Internazionale  l'Avventura (1981-1983). In 1981 he started researches with the Gnawa brotherhood of Morocco. He  worked for a few years for cinema and television in and around  Cinecittà: dubbing, subtitling Italian film heritage, production, video  art (Rome, 1984-1993). Back  in France in 1994, he began a long cycle of research and creation (articles, books, documentary films, exhibitions) on popular memory, folklore and healing traditions in Mayenne. Independent reporter for Geo Magazine from 1995 to 2008, he travels in Europe, Africa and South America. The  meeting of Susanne Wenger and Yoruba artists from New Sacred Art in Nigeria in 1997 will mark the beginning of another cycle of work  inspired by the Yoruba sacred arts. Author  of books with strong documentary and anthropological footprints often  made in collaboration with photographers, he has created documentary  films for various French television channels since 1997. Books published  by Adams, Aubanel, Ennoïa, Hermé, Hoebeke, La Martinière, Le Chêne , Sensibili alle foglie, Siloë, Land of Mist. Films broadcast on France 3, France O, LMTV, Medisat, TLT.

Source : Pierre Guicheney

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