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PINA, YOU and ME….

Marion Schrotzenberger is a choreographer, dancer and director. From her dual roots between Reunion Island, where she comes from, and Brussels, she maintains a strong taste for the daily lives of ordinary people, cooking, humor and the stories we tell late at night. Her work uses dance and image to paint a portrait of herself and those close to her. Like a mirror that only shows one face at a time. Like an inspector investigating her own existence. Like all past lives tangle and collide to form the destiny of a single person.

"An exhibition designed with Lalanbik - Indian Ocean choreographic development center.

Image credits: @Celine Serrad/Marion Schrotzenberger


"Si Pina m'avait demandé..." de Marion Schrotzenberger


Choreographer(s) : Schrotzenberger, Marion (France)


Choreography, text Marion Schrotzenberger,

Interpreters Marion Schrotzenberger, Eric Languet,

Dramaturgy assistants Edith Depaule, Ismaël Colombani,

Original musical creation “Sages comme des Sauvages”,

Light Creation Jean -Jacques Deneumoustier

Stage management, sound management: Céline Serrad

photos @Celine Serrad/Marion Schrotzenberger

Marion Schrotzenberger -- Collectif Lookatmekid

Marion Schrotzenberger co-founded the Lookatmekid collective in 2008 with Ismaël Colombani and Cosima Jentzsch. For 5 years the collective will come regularly to Reunion to perform their shows and lead artistic residencies in schools. For 2 years now, Marion and other members of the collective have officially resided between Brussels and Reunion Island and continue the work of Lookatmekid there.

Marion Shrotzenberger, Kissaoulé ?

LALANBIK CRDC 2021 - Director : Collectif Lookatmekid,

Choreographer(s) : Schrotzenberger, Marion (France)

Self-documentary, autofiction: a conscious choice, an artistic approach in itself.

In my show Si Pina had asked me and in my creations in general I use my own life, my daily life as a creative playground.

The choice to create from my life and that of those close to me is underpinned by a political and ethical posture. I do not place myself as an external element to study or comment on the lives of others. On the other hand, my life as a choreographer, as a single mother, as a friend, I choose to do with it what I want, to bring it all the self-deprecation, criticism and poetry that I wish to put into perspective light a reality that others share.


The spaces that welcome us as part of our creations are crossed by people, a history, a culture, a language, an architecture, a social reality, issues that are specific to it.

Femmes à gramoun lele

LALANBIK CRDC 2023 - Director : La Tangente TV,

Choreographer(s) : Schrotzenberger, Marion (France)

mutually enrich and bring out unexpected things on both sides. Finally, the notion of transmission is essential and it is by taking the time to show, do and make available what we practice as a discipline that the desire is born.

Diapositive - Femmes Gramoun Lélé

The Nelken Line

LALANBIK CRDC 2023 - Director : Collectif Lookatmekid,

Choreographer(s) : Schrotzenberger, Marion (France)

Excerpt from the show

Si Pina m'avait demandé..


LALANBIK CRDC 2023 - Director : La Tangente TV

Choreographer(s) : Schrotzenberger, Marion (France)

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