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We are Numeridanse : Anne Décoret Ahiha

We are Numeridanse : Anne Décoret Ahiha

We are Numeridanse

Artists, companies, institutions, these structures bring to the platform their audiovisual heritage, their knowledge, their expertise in favor of the choreographic art. For the platform's 10th anniversary, it was important and necessary to put the contributors of Numeridanse in the spotlight! 

In order to celebrate them and so that Numeridanse users get to know them better, we have invited our contributors to answer a series of questions about their works, their inspirations, their desire for collaborations, their creation anecdotes. 

Discover these artists in the We are Numeridanse collection!

Deschamps, Tiffanie

After training in video editing, Tiffanie Deschamps made her debut in television. From the start, she never ceased to build bridges between her work as an audiovisual editor and her activities as light manager and assistant director for live shows with the Mac Guffin collective. Co-founder and co-director of the Théâtre de l'Uchronie in Lyon since 2013, she naturally comes to portray theatrical and choreographic pieces, and to tell the dance, in particular within the Maison de la Danse de Lyon and during cultural events such as the Lyon Dance Biennale. 

Jaï Production

Jaï Production was born in 2019 from a yearning to promote and produce Benin dancers and choreographs who, despite nearly non means, strive to create and perform tenaciously, with inventiveness, a prodigious energy and an undeniable talent. 

Chaos Elégant, by Beninese choreographer Arouna Guindo is our first production (2020-2021). 

Jaï Production aims to continue its process of identifying dancers and choreographers from this area of Africa and to highlight the abundant and promising choreographic activity that is unfolding on the continent. 

It is also about contributing to documenting, through research, creation and promotion of dance archives, the strengthening of the contemporary African choreographic field which has beeing going on for about ten years and in which Hip hop and urban dances occupy an significant place.

We are Numeridanse

Artistic direction / Conception : Numeridanse

Additionnal music : "Alive Inside" - Reaktor

Video conception : Ladydinde

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Maison de la Danse

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