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The stage has turned to water, and the dancers to amphibians. Their bodies move, in a seemingly weightless fashion, to a choreography made up of subtle manipulations inspired by the new sensations of a modified space. The alternation of calm and violent moments helps make tangible the hallucinatory atmosphere of this performance.

 The slow walk of a man in a rain coat at the bottom of the pool where bodies in apnea are floating, the jerky scenes of sudden immersion, the struggle at the water surface of dancers harnessed with life rings: some of these images, produced during the elaboration of Daniel Larrieu’s aquatic show in March 1986, were projected onto a screen by the side of the pool and acted as a transition between the scenes of this piece that the press was to dub “the Giselle of the year 2000”.

Source : Patrick Bossatti

Larrieu, Daniel

A key figure of French contemporary dance, appointed as director of the National Choreography Centre (CCN) of Tours in 1994, he has pursued his creative work with the Astrakan Company since 2004. He has multiplied his choreographic experiences with, in particular, “Marche, danses de verdure” (2004), “Never Mind” (2006) and “Lux” (2010). In 2010, he danced on drifting ice floes in Greenland and created “Ice Dream, installation plastique”. In 2011, he created “Big Little B” and “En Piste” with Pascale Houbin and Dominique Boivin. He became the associate artist at the Manège in Reims and at the Échangeur in Fère-en-Tardenois. At the beginning of 2012 at the Athénée Theatre, hand-in-hand with Gloria Paris, he created “Divine”, a theatrical variation choreographed from “Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs” (Our Lady of the Flowers) by Jean Genet.

Source : Daniel Larrieu

Further information : Daniel Larrieu Website

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