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Sadonna - The Brown Ambition Tour

Sadonna - The Brown Ambition Tour

Sadonna - The Brown Ambition Tour

In the form of a concert conceived as a poignant homage to his idol, Miguel Gutierrez reinterprets some of Madonna’s big successes in a melancholic way, accompanied on stage by cross-dressed singers, the Slutinos (“The Sad Latino Boys Backup Singers”).  From effervescence to sadness, the affective displacement which he produces here gives an additional spirituality to pop hits, which were  initially calibrated to make crowds dance and, by doing so, radically renews the listening experience. Run through with delicacy and  fragility, and delivered without any superfluous artifice, his interpretation is so vocally impressive that it quite literally suspends  times. In the process, the show weaves an underground, intimate connection between the star from Michigan and the choreographer from  New Jersey, the better to seal their shared destiny, that of people born to their professions who still conserve from their origins the same  vague melancholy, always concealed beneath an apparent joyfulness.

Source: program of the CND

Gutierrez, Miguel

Miguel Gutierrez defines himself as an artist who practices dance and  music. Alternating solo projects, performance and collective projects  within his group Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, he quickly  imposed his explosive style on the New York scene; the way in which the  body is used and the mixing of styles producing generalized disorder of  interpretation, speech and fiction.
Magnetic, eruptive,  uninhibited, Miguel Gutierrez grabs stage space by the throat, exposing  his artistic dreams. It is not so easy to be a young choreographer in  New York, struggling with the overwhelming memory of the great  references of modern American dance. Miguel Gutierrez is part of a whole  new generation of performers. He is a key figure on the New York  experimental scene, and has already toured Europe several times over.
He is three-times winner of the Bessie Award,  and has choreographed music videos for Diane Cluck, Holcombe Waller and  Le Tigre. He has sung with Antony and the Johnsons and directed the  music for his own projects.
He has also published a book WHEN YOU RISE UP and created a blog,
He invented the Deep Aerobic approach and is training today to become a teacher of Feldenkrais.

Source : ICI-CCN

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Centre national de la danse, Réalisation

Since 2001, the National Center for Dance (CND) has been making recordings of its shows and educational programming and has created resources from these filmed performances (interviews, danced conferences, meetings with artists, demonstrations, major lessons, symposia specialized, thematic arrangements, etc.).

Sadonna - The Brown Ambition Tour

Artistic direction / Conception : Miguel Gutierrez

Interpretation : Miguel Gutierrez, accompagné par Les Slutinos (Alvaro Gonzalez, John Gutierrez, Santiago Venezas)

Duration : 106 minutes

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