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Nous, la danse

We, the dance follows for one year the students of the National Center of Contemporary Dance of Angers and sketches the sensitive portrait of a prestigious place of transmission and a community of young artists. 

This film, goes back to the historical sources, accompanies the daily life of the dancers and questions in filigree the fact of being 20 years old today. 

Source: 24 images production

Charrier, Julie

She dances almost every day from 4 to 20 years old, then discovers at the CNDC (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine) that movement can take place other than by dancing. She then followed a master's degree in cinema, particularly motivated by video dances. It is moving towards the production of documentary films and recordings of live shows mainly oriented towards contemporary dance for many production companies. As advisor, then columnist and director, she participated in the birth and development of Numeridanse. She coordinates for the ACCN and the Ministry of Culture, delegation to dance, the digitization of French choreographic heritage and created the site She is in charge of the artistic direction and production of the "Histoires d’espaces" virtual reality collection for the Aix and Avignon Festivals, as well as the production of some of the episodes. She produces and co-directs with Yvan Schreck, Nous, la danse, a 52-minute documentary, which follows CNDC students for a year. She develops and produces in situ projects where performance poetizes everyday life, awakens creativity, highlights neighborhoods, architectures and reveals the movements of all.

Source: 24 images production

Schreck, Yvan

Born in Mulhouse in 1973, Yvan Schreck began directing short films at the age of 17. In 1998, he moved to Seville where he worked for seven years, filming mainly in the field of flamenco. In Seville, he directed several creation videos for the dancer Israel Galvan. Then he worked as a cameraman alongside cinematographer Jean Yves Escoffier on the film Poligono Sur by Dominique Abel. In 2002, he co-directed and signed the photography of Paquera Sensei, a film shot in Tokyo on the journey of the great flamenco singer La Paquera de Jerez. For the feature film, he frames Preciosa y el Aire, Dominique Abel’s latest film under the direction of Eric Guichard. He also frames Sang Froid, an ARTE film by Sylvie Veyrhede. In March 2009, director Sophie Fiennes, who was making a film about Grace Jones, hired her as a cameraman during the filming of Jones' concert at the Grand Rex. In 2015, he directed Jean-Christophe Meurisse's first feature film (Les Chiens de Navarre), Apnée. In 2010, he directed a musical documentary produced by Kidam on the ephemeral group Les Françoises who are preparing a show for the Printemps de Bourges. In 2012, he joined the Oléo Films team, which provided a large number of recordings in the field of jazz for Culturebox and Arte Concert. He produces for Mezzo, Culturebox and Arte concert the recordings of Jeanne Cherhal, Vicente Amigo, Brigitte Fontaine, Hiatus Kaiyote, Laura Mvula among others. In 2017, he wrote and directed a film based on Kaori Ito and Hiroshi Ito's show “I dance because I am suspicious of words” produced by Ax sud for Culturebox. In 2015, he inaugurated the Histoires de collection, with Samuel Thiebaut and Oléo films with a first episode on singer Arno and a second on Rodolphe Burger. As of 2017, 12 episodes are produced. 

Source: 24 images production

CNDC - Angers

The National Center for Contemporary Dance - CNDC - was created in 1978 at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and the City of Angers. It followed the B.T.C. Ballet contemporary theater directed by Françoise Adret and Jacques-Albert Cartier, transferred to Nancy. Designed as a school of choreographers and the headquarters of a permanent company, it is run by Alwin Nikolais for three years.

When Viola Farber succeeded him in 1981, the school specialized in the training of dancers. Viola Farber forms a new company and inaugurates a teacher training program.

In April 1984, the management of the CNDC was entrusted to Michel Reilhac. The center still trains dancers and teachers. It no longer has a permanent company but serves as a production platform through residences. Large companies of international renown (in residence for two to three months) and younger companies (in the context of the "Summer Quarters") are then present. This is how Merce Cunningham and his company inaugurate the large Bodinier studio and that successive personalities such as Régine Chopinot, Maguy Marin, Odile Duboc, Dominique Bagouet, Mathilde Monnier and Jean-François Duroure, Edward Lock, Hervé Robbe, Philippe Decouflé, Catherine Diverrès and Bernardo Montet, Daniel Larrieu, Trisha Brown, Wim Vandekeybus ...

In April 1988 the new director, Nadia Croquet, continues to develop a policy to support creation, with a more specific openness to Europe. In January 1993, Joëlle Bouvier and Régis Obadia were named artistic directors of the CNDC, then labeled CNDC l'Esquisse.

The CNDC, which became a national choreographic center (CCN) in the 1990s, reinforces its mission as a choreographic center through the production of shows and its role as artistic advisor while continuing the training. At the same time, from 1986 to 2006, he worked with the New Theater of Angers, a national drama center, to offer a program of choreographic performances, thus increasing the audience and the readability of the dance to the public by multiplying the glances on the creation contemporary.

In February 2004, the CNDC is under the direction of the choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh, it intends to perpetuate the tradition of experimental contemporary dance and offer a school in connection with the dynamics of contemporary creation. From 2011, the CNDC School has two major courses, one leads to the National Diploma of Professional Dancer (DNSPD) and the license, the second prepares for a master.

Robert Swinston, who was appointed artistic director of the CNDC in 2012 by the Board of Directors, takes office in January 2013. Create and encourage creativity, develop the legacy of Merce Cunningham, program shows in various aesthetics, train artists autonomous, versatile and of a high level as well as fostering the emergence of new talents, this is the purpose of his project for the CNDC. Communicating to the public the foundations of a creative approach, raising awareness among young people and making the CNDC shine at the local, national and international levels are Robert Swinston's objectives for the CNDC.

The directors of the CNDC since its creation:

Alwin Nikolais (from September 1978 to July 1981)
Viola Farber (from September 1981 to July 1983)
Michel Reilhac (from March 1984 to December 1987)
Nadia Croquet (March 1988 to December 1991)
Joëlle Bouvier and Régis Obadia (from January 1993 to June 2003)
Emmanuelle Huynh (from February 2004 to December 2012)
Robert Swinston since January 2013

Nous, la danse

Artistic direction / Conception : Yvan Schreck & Julie Charrier

Original music : David Babin (Babx) & Rodolphe Burger

Sound : Philippe Cadeau, Gilbert Gouzaire

Other collaborations : Images : Yvan Schreck, Javier Ruiz Gomez & Jérémie Clément

Production / Coproduction of the video work : 24images production - Coproduction : France Télévisions / Olivier Brumelot Avec la Filière production de France Télévisions - Avec le soutien de : la Région des Pays de la Loire, en partenariat avec le CNC, le Ministère de la Culture / Dir. gén. de la création artistique, la Procirep - Société des Producteurs et de l’Angoa et la participation du Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée, et de Vià LMtv Sarthe

Duration : 52 minutes

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