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La preuve par l'autre

La preuve par l'autre

La preuve par l'autre

For this production, Bouba Landrille Tchouda, artistic director of Compagnie Malka, requested the involvement of choreographers Anne Nguyen and Farid Berki, remarkable figures on the hip-hop scene. In collaboration with them, Bouba created a new dialogue and artistic adventure, whereby together they devised a rather unique plan: each of the choreographers would choose two performers, then create a choreographic act with the cast of six dancers around the common theme of otherness.

In this piece, the choreographers were encouraged to share their quest for meaning and a sense of self in relation to the other or to the collective, with the dancers and audiences. Here, one's 'own' dance can fuel a vision, transcribe and transmit unique perceptions generated through encounters with these 'others'; exceptional humans, immense territories to survey through intimate journeys. It is an ode to the discovery of what is imperceptible and unique; of the other.

Act 1: 'Juste à l'entour' – Bouba Landrille Tchouda 
How can I share the world of this 'other' who I do not know, how do I move forward with him? Maybe by somehow trying to 'tame' this other who isn't me, this other who I also am, a part of me, just as erratic and unassimilated, on a quest for a personal identity. By attesting to some of these journeys in search of the other, believing we find them, attempting to circumscribe them in order to finally be able to dance with, and around them? Flows of force, movements of attraction, interactions between others and myself, myself and others, all of us interconnected?

Act 2: 'Ton pied, mon pied, enfin presque...' – Farid Berki 
One simple question: how can we find our place in someone else's space? By confronting each other, fleeing each other, coming together and testing each other to the point of exhaustion in order to better find out what is so essential about the other, in order to better discover the other and finding their humanity. ‘ton pied, mon pied’ is an African expression that represents the force that brings two beings together into a couple, a way of saying ‘I'll go wherever you go’. Berki aims to examine the question of the relational contract between two people.

Act 3: 'i' – Anne Nguyen 
The title 'i' is inspired by the 'K' of Kafka's characters, the initial of the name or surname of people who are seeking to find their place in an environment that is leaving them behind. 'i' is also the first letter of the words 'identity' and 'individual', perhaps because it resembles a human standing up, head high, whose arms and legs are not represented. 'i' is an affirmation, a confrontation with the stranger's gaze, but also an examination of the way in which we view the unique.

Tchouda, Bouba Landrille

As with many hip-hop dancers, his learning begins in a self-taught way. In 1995, he decided to found the company Aca in Saint-Martin-d'Hères, with Habib Adel, dancer of the same generation. Their first creation, presented in 1996 as part of the Rencontres Danse Ville Danse in Paris, allows them to become a reference company in hip hop dance in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Influenced by urban and world culture, this artist enjoys many kinds of dance, including hip hop, capoeira and contemporary dance. For him, every genre of dance is a new world to tackle, to move in, to sweat in, to turn upside down, to help everyone find their humanity, to question the meaning of their future, their desires.
Like many hip-hop dancers, he was initially self-taught, but gradually began to explore other disciplines like capoeira and contemporary dance.
In 1995, he decided to found the dance company ACA in Saint-Martin-d'Hères, with one of his contemporaries, Habib Adel. Their first creation, presented in 1996 as part of the Rencontres Danse Ville Danse (Danse Ville Danse Encounters) in Paris, made their name as the urban dance company to be reckoned with in the Rhône-Alpes region.     
It was during this time that Bouba met the choreographer Jean-Claude Gallotta, director of the CCN in Grenoble (National Choreography Centre). This meeting resulted in a duet called SMH. Choreographed by Jean-Claude Gallotta, this duet forms an integral part of the piece La rue (“The street”), presented by the Emile Dubois group in January 1997 at Suresnes.

His national and international tours – with Aca and Accrorap – have allowed Bouba to establish his reputation as a choreographer both in France and abroad.
In 2001, with Eric Mézino, he founded the Malka Company whose first show was Paroles de sable, paroles de vent (“Words of sand, words of wind”).

Source : Malka Company 's website

More information :

Berki, Farid

Back in 1995, Farid Berki combined hip-hop and flamenco in Fantazia, then renewed the experience with Pétrouchka by proposing a unique interpretation of classical ballet (a creation which he reproduced in 2001 for the Ballet du Rhin). In 1999, he won the SACD New Choreographic Talents Award and partnered with Kader Belarbi, Paris Opera Danseur Étoile, in a solo produced for the Vif du Sujet in Avignon. At the same time, he explored the world of capoeira and produced the work Invisible Armada with the Claudio Basilio Company. In 2001, he created Atomixité on the subject of urban utopias and, in 2002, a solo entitled Sur le Feel where he confronts others but in more specifically himself. In 2004, he choreographed a tale of fantasy Six fous… en quête de hauteur, with a set designed by the comic book artist François Schuiten, and performed during the “Lille 2004, European Capital of Culture”. This work was reproduced for the 2006 Lyon Dance Biennial. At the same time, the Bateau Feu commissioned Soul Dragon from him, an event creation for 30 dancers and actors (including 15 dancers from the Shanghai Opera Academy with whom he worked for 3 years) for the Year of China in France. In 2005, he continued to defy stereotypes and conventional theories concerning the hip-hop movement which led to the creation of two works: Hip-no-Tic or the pursuit of the utopian origins of his body language and Oud !, a burlesque duo where dance embraces theatre. After three residences in Chad, he began reflecting on the foundations of hip-hop culture as being a movement of awareness for North-South relations. Exodust in 2007 and Deng Deng in 2008 were the fruit of these considerations. The French Cultural Centre in N'Djaména nominated him as associate artist until 2010, but the war was to waive this adventure. In 2009, Farid Berki questioned repertoire transmission and handing it on to the new generation. This led him to reproducing the solo Du feel à retordre for Nabil Ouelhadj from the 6ème Sens collective and to proposing a danced conference around the improbable story of hip-hop: Hip Hop Aura. In January 2016, Farid Berki was made an Officer of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry for Culture.

Source : France Culture

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Nguyen, Anne

Dancer and choreographer of the par Terre Dance Company, Anne Nguyen is first and foremost a b-girl, specialising in hip-hop floorworks. She has performed with many hip-hop and contemporary dance companies such as Black Blanc Beur, Faustin Linyekula and Salia Nï Seydou… She formed part of the breakdance crews RedMask in Montreal, as well as Phase T, Def Dogz and Créteil Style in Paris, and has taken part in hundreds of battles, , either solo or in groups, winning several high-profile competitions, such as IBE 2004 or BOTY 2005. She has served as judge on many others, including BOTY 2006 and Redbull BC One 2007. She makes an appearance in the documentary film « Planet B-Boy » (2007).

Anne Nguyen also writes poetry, short prose items and articles on dance (« Danser magazine », « Repères, cahier de danse »). Excerpts from her collection of poems, the Manual of the City Warrior have been published in "Graff It ! magazine", on which she was chief editor of the dance section. Several pieces performed by the Company incorporate Anne Nguyen’s texts, recorded or spoken (« Square Root », « Spirit of the Underground »). Anne teaches hip-hop dance using a method based on postures, on the deconstruction of dance moves and on their subsequent deployment within the performance space. Since 2012, she has taught a technical and theoretical workshop on hip-hop dance at the University of Sciences Po Paris, called Hip-hop, a contemporary culture. 

Source: Par Terre Dance Company 's website

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La preuve par l'autre

Artistic direction / Conception : Bouba Landrille Tchouda

Choreography : Anne Nguyen, Farid Berki, Bouba Landrille

Interpretation : Lyli Gauthier, Jim Krummenacker,Alice Pinto Maïa, Sithy Sithadé Ros, Médé Yetongnon, Jimmy Zelou

Lights : Fabrice Crouzet

Costumes : Claude Murgia

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Coproduction : Château Rouge – Annemasse / La Rampe - Échirolles / Théâtre de Vénissieux / Parc de la Villette, dans le cadre des Résidences d’artistes

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Production 24 images, Mohamed Athamna

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