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"Janet on the roof" is a choreographic work created by Pierre Pontvianne for the performer Marthe Krummenacher.
With this solo performance, the choreographer offers a dance that is both moving and pictorial, where impercep

tible changes of posture and intense energy shifts represent the minuscule and immense transformations our world endures.

Marthe  Krummenacher deploys an infinity of images, where all time and all space  punctuate both the desire for change and the sense of an ending. She  plunges the audience into a state of astonishment, performing a hypnotic  dance.“The horizon is troubled, the present is tense, what appeared far  away is already in front of us.” 

In 2019, David Mambouch has directed JOTR a film about the piece. 

Pontvianne, Pierre

Born in Saint-Etienne (France) in 1981. 

A  graduate of the ESDC Rosella Hightower and winner of the professional  prize at the Prix de Lausanne, Pierre Pontvianne joined the Nederland  Dans Theater 2 under director Jiří Kylián in 1999. Since then, he has  worked as a freelance artist throughout Europe, in particular for  Frankfurt Ballet, Carte Blanche and, more recently, Maguy Marin’s dance  company. 

During  the course of his dance career, Pierre Pontvianne has danced the works  of accomplished choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, Ohad Naharin, Hans  van Manen, Johan Inger, William Forsythe, Tony Rizzi, Amanda Miller and  Maguy Marin, among others.

In  2012, he took over the direction of the French-based company PARC to  develop his personal work. Currently, a number of his creations are  touring in several international dance festivals throughout Europe.

Source: Company's website

More information:

Mambouch, David

 David Mambouch studied acting at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre before becoming a full-time performer with the Théâtre National Populaire. Parallel to his work with the theatre company, he also performed in films and on television and began writing and directing his own theatrical work while also collaborating on the work of others. He also continued to develop his work as a scriptwriter, writing and directing several short films such as La Grande cause, directed in collaboration with Olivier Borle. As a solo artist or in collaboration with such companies as La Katet Compagnie, La Compagnie Parc, La Compagnie Scènes, La Compagnie Zélid and Le Théâtre Oblique among others, he began exploring multi-disciplinary work in which theatre, dance, music and film intermingle. He also collaborated with the Company Maguy Marin, first as a director for the creation of the film Nocturnes and then as a performer in restagings of May B and Umwelt. 

In 2014 he created the solo Singspiele in collaboration with Benjamin Lebreton and Maguy Marin. He also created the soundtrack for the performance. 

Source : Naïa productions


Artistic direction / Conception : Réalisation, montage : David Mambouch

Choreography : Pierre Pontvianne

Interpretation : Marthe Krummenacher

Video conception : Image : Pierre Grange ; Assistante image : Pascaline Manachère

Lights : Valérie Colas

Costumes : Janet Crowe

Settings : Pierre Treille

Sound : Pierre Pontvianne

Other collaborations : Machinerie : Coralie Verdier

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Compagnie PARC / Coproduction This film was partially made possible with funding from KYLIAN PRODUCTIONS (NL), Le Dôme Théâtre Albertville, Avec le soutien du Ministère de la culture / Direction générale de la création artistique. Avec l’aimable autorisation de Janter Lumban Gaol, Apen Sitanggang, Guy de Saint Cyr pour leurs images des avalanches pyroclastiques du volcan SINABUNG à SUMATRA. Location matériel Philippe Vincent / Cie Scènes – Theâtre – Cinéma. Le Tournage a lieu au Dôme Théâtre à Albertville et Ramdam, un centre d’art en juin 2019. 1ère diffusion le 6 décembre 2019.

Duration : 40 min

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